Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sessions 64 & 65

Here are the two swim sessions from this week (Friday's to follow tomorrow). Apologies for being late! Its been a beautiful week of weather here in WA, cold crisp mornings with mist on the pool in the mornings and warming up to 25 degrees in the daytime.
Session # 64 = a good solid aerobic swim set, which if you have the benefit of swimming with a partner, should be swam on the last 600m as a drafting challenge...we had 8 to a lane that morning and was perfect as we "chain-ganged" down the pool.
Session # 65 = a "real" workout - 16 x 100 at threshold pace...trying to be as consistent with your timing as possible. I was lucky to have 3 swimmers join me for when I personally did that set and we held 1.15 to 1.16 all the way through which I was quite happy about given the current lack of fitness!

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