Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Session # 5

Sorry folks - forgot to get a snapshot of this morning's swim and it was a good one!
Try this:
Choose your 100m cycle time which should be ~ 20 seconds more than your Critical Swim Speed (see session here to work this out if you haven't already done so). For example if your CSS is 1:30 for 100m, your cycle time per 100m should be 1:50.
Now do this:
Complete as many 100s in 60 minutes as your cycle time permits and mix-things-up a bit with the following format:
0 to 10 mins = steady f/s warm-up (you are not trying to hit your CSS pace here, and as you'll be swimming steady, you'll only really be getting 5 to 10s rest between each 100m)
10 to 20 mins = fins doing 6/3/6 drill for 50m and 50m f/s focusing on excellent rotation and a smooth stroke
20 to 30 mins = pull buoy, again working on good roll with a solid 'purchase' on the water
30 to 45 mins = hold CSS pace (or even slightly quicker) and maintain excellent form
45 to 55 mins = fins (as before) but swapping 6/3/6 with Popov drill
55 to 60 mins = steady f/s cool down.
This set feels ridiculously easy when you start off and also quite "stop-start" - don't be fooled - once you start doing those CSS intervals, things become a lot tougher!