Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Session # 5

Sorry folks - forgot to get a snapshot of this morning's swim and it was a good one!
Try this:
Choose your 100m cycle time which should be ~ 20 seconds more than your Critical Swim Speed (see session here to work this out if you haven't already done so). For example if your CSS is 1:30 for 100m, your cycle time per 100m should be 1:50.
Now do this:
Complete as many 100s in 60 minutes as your cycle time permits and mix-things-up a bit with the following format:
0 to 10 mins = steady f/s warm-up (you are not trying to hit your CSS pace here, and as you'll be swimming steady, you'll only really be getting 5 to 10s rest between each 100m)
10 to 20 mins = fins doing 6/3/6 drill for 50m and 50m f/s focusing on excellent rotation and a smooth stroke
20 to 30 mins = pull buoy, again working on good roll with a solid 'purchase' on the water
30 to 45 mins = hold CSS pace (or even slightly quicker) and maintain excellent form
45 to 55 mins = fins (as before) but swapping 6/3/6 with Popov drill
55 to 60 mins = steady f/s cool down.
This set feels ridiculously easy when you start off and also quite "stop-start" - don't be fooled - once you start doing those CSS intervals, things become a lot tougher!

Session # 4


Session # 3


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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Follow our Daily Swim Training Program - Free!

We are happy to announce that commencing on Monday 22nd October (inline with our Perth squad training program's New Summer Program), each day we'll be uploading a copy of the Swim Smooth swim session for your free viewing. We hope that you will benefit in following our squad's program and welcome your feedback and input. The sessions will typically take you about 60 to 70 minutes to complete and will be suitable for those completing 2200m to 4000m in a given session. Set times will be given as a guide - typically our fast lane will do cycles of 45 seconds per 50m, down to our "less-fast" lane of 65 seconds per 50m. This detail will be included on each whiteboard photo.

We suggest you download our Short Hand Reference Sheet to help you read the sessions easily and effectively. You should also have a go completing this session to gain times to work out your CSS (threshold) pace from the 10 Step Performance Checklist.