Tuesday, January 23, 2007

We're heading back Down Under!

Well, our time in Canada is finally up...we're heading back to Perth Australia tommorow and will be back to set up a new Triathlon Squad with Bill Kirby at his Kirby Swim School based down at the Christchurch Grammar School in Claremont, WA. This is set to start in early February. Anyone keen on registering for this new squad can do so now by clicking here.
We won't be able to respond to emails until after the weekend for your reference.
Keep safe and Swim Smooth!
[Photo: Paul with his new Australian Permanent Visa - wahey!]

Thursday, January 18, 2007

New independent Swim Smooth DVD review just added from the USA!

We are very happy to announce the latest independent critical review of the Swim Smooth DVD Boxset provided by Transition Times:

I've seen other DVD training tools in the past, many of which I found difficult to translate from the screen to a useful resource. Swim Smooth is different. This set effectiviely bridges the gap between theory and practical application, giving the viewer strong visuals on the proper technique, and how using these techniques will make you a faster and more efficient swimmer. Pick up your copy before everyone else in your age group does ! Read the full review here>>

This week's swim session will be up soon. Sorry for the delay - I was held back for 24 hrs in Dallas airport on Monday after returning from the excellent USAT Congress at the weekend - well worth it though!

  • (Photo) Paul with legendary Ironman athlete, Julie Moss, at the 2007 USAT Congress
Swim Smooth!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

New Training Advice Just Added - Swimmer's Shoulder

For those of you whom may have experienced sore shoulders as a result of a suspected shoulder injury when swimming freestyle, you may like to view our new article with 3 simple tips on how to clean-up your stroke such that you can help alleviate symptoms and prevent future problems. Give it a try!
For anyone in the Burlington / Toronto area of Canada next weekend (Sunday 21st January) keen to learn more about improving their swim stroke efficiency, why not register for our Swim Smooth Clinic today!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Time to test how fit you really are!

Well hopefully you all got chance to try last week's steady swim session and managed to back it up with a couple others of your own or with a squad.

The purpose of this week's session is to ascertain a base level of where you're at right now with your training. Using a simple way of analysing your current level of aerobic capacity (the Critical Swim Speed Calculator) we will ascertain what your training pace for various efforts over the next few weeks should be. Get set, here we go!

New Swim Smooth Clinic added in Burlington, Ontario Sunday 21st January!

We shall be running a 3hr mini-Swim Smooth Clinic in Burlington, Ontario on Sunday 21st January from 3pm to 6pm. Cost of the course will be $125.00 for NRGPT athletes and $150.00 for unattached athletes*. All participants will receive a Swim Smooth Silicon swim cap, full video analysis and review, a 60-minute theory session and 60-minute pool technique session to address their inefficiencies and be guided on how to improve their swimming over the winter months. DVD footage of the clinic will be available through Nigel Gray at NRGPT after the Clinic. All interested parties should register asap.

*please note, NRGPT athletes will be given priority when registering.

Thanks and have a great week!


Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy New Year!

Well its been quite a busy Christmas and New Year period, but I'm pleased to say that we're now back on track and ready to kick 2007 off with a bang!

Starting today will be our free online swim training program. This program is designed for swimmers capable of swimming 1000m in between 12 and 25 minutes and whom would typically cover ~2,000 to 3,500m in a given session. We will post a once weekly training session, which should be supplemented with your normal training program of between 2 and 5 swims per week (depending upon your ability and aspirations etc). Jump to this link to get started today: http://www.swimsmooth.com/thisweek.htm

What better way to also kick off your 2007 season than by registering for one of our Swim Smooth Clinics or one2one sessions in your region?!

Best wishes for a great New Year from Swim Smooth!