"Gather the water" - Your Key Visualisation To A Better Catch!

Have you ever been taught to lengthen your stroke as much as possible in order to be more efficient? We bet you have - it might have been by your well-meaning master's swim coach, or you may have even watched a YouTube video espousing the merits of reducing your stroke count to those of the elite swimmers of the world, or perhaps even just some foggy, distant memory of your school swimming teacher telling you to “glide and pause” - don’t worry, we've heard and seen it all!

The truth is though, that elite swimmers don't pause and glide and they certainly don't reach up towards the surface of the water and artificially try to make their stroke longer, they instead "gather the water" and press it back behind them.

Today, we've prepared this special video clip for you as you are starting to return to the swimming pools and your favourite open water venue with the gradual (and thankful!) relaxing of some of the pandemic restrictions of the last year or so.

The swimmers in the clip are using the Finis Agility Paddles which Head Coach, Paul Newsome, quips about how he wishes it was the one thing he'd personally invented given their effectiveness at showing you how to truly "gather the water" - here’s the video:


You can buy your pair in the Swim Smooth shop here: shop.swimsmooth.com/collections/paddles/products/finis-agility-paddles

We hope you enjoy - please show your appreciation by liking the video and subscribing to our channel - thank you!

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