The Secret To A Life Of Happiness And Longevity?

Justyn Barnes, author of the brilliant book Ikigai - the Japanese secret to a life of happiness and longevity states that the word 'ikigai' in the simplest terms describes “value in living” or “reason for living”.

Another beautiful sunrise at Claremont Pool, Perth

Among the myriad interpretations of the word, Barnes states that ikigai can be thought of as “a reason to jump out of bed every morning” and a “springboard for tomorrow”. How true it is that the morning ritual of your swim can be both that reason and something that aids you in your pursuit of your current goal, whatever that may be. 

Ikigai can be seen in its truest form every morning in the pools, lakes, rivers, oceans, seas and lidos right around the world. As the world starts to finally move towards a better place, so too do we hope that your own personal Ikigai can flourish once again.

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Unknown said...

Actually written by Héctor García

Unknown said...

The one by Justin Barnes is Ikigai: Discover Your Reason For Being

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