Swim Smooth Podcast Episode 26 - Paolo Swims 300km in 30 days

Swim Smooth Dubai coach Paolo Mangilinan is coming to the end of his 30 day Dubai Fitness Challenge - he's been swimming an incredible 10km every day for the past 30 days! We wanted to catch up with him towards the end of the challenge to hear how he has been getting on and we thought the very best way to do that was to get him onto the podcast. :)

Day 29 - Dubai to world island then back!

Check out Episode 26 of the Swim Smooth Podcast to hear what makes Paolo tick, the highs and lows, what inspired him and who he in turn hopes to inspire as part of this conquest. Listen here:

Apple: podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/swim-smooth/id1441577778#episodeGuid=90577a47-ccc3-451d-b6ad-da56248fec59

Anchor: anchor.fm/swimsmooth/episodes/Episode-26---Inspiring-Coach-Paolo-swims-300km-in-30-days-en0fqv

We really enjoyed chatting to Paolo and hope you get inspired for your own challenges in 2021!

Paolo contemplating another 10K

Here's wishing Paolo good luck for the final few swims! You can stay up to date with his progress over the last few days on his Instagram and Facebook pages to get the latest pictures. 

Swim Smooth!


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