The Swim Smooth Coaches Are Taking Over Instagram!

Swim Smooth's proudest achievement so far is the network of coaches that we have created over the past 10 years! We have over 50 coaches in more than 15 countries around the world sharing our coaching methodology and delivering Perth style squad sessions to their local swimmers. All our coaches have been hand-selected by our Head Coaches Paul Newsome and Adam Young and given high quality, extensive training and mentoring to develop and hone their swim coaching skills.

We know they are awesome but we want to share their awesomeness with you too! Each week a different Swim Smooth certified coach will be taking over our Instagram and Facebook stories for the day. They will be giving you an insider scoop into what life is like as a Swim Smooth coach. Be sure not to miss their expert coaching tips, advice on staying active during a lockdown and gossip about what Paul Newsome is really like!

This week we had our first takeover from Swim Smooth Louisville's Head Coach, Mike Jotautas (@coach_mike_jotautas). Based in Louisville, Kentucky, he attended the SS Certified Coaches Course in Perth in 2017 and has since set up Swim Smooth Louisville with over 150 swimmers in his squad sessions every week. If you haven't had a chance to see his takeover on instagram and facebook already, check it out by looking at the highlights reel on our instagram page or using this link:

Next Wednesday, SS Coach Anna-Karin (@simcoachen) will be taking over our instagram stories from Gothenburg, Sweden. Anna-Karin is not only a fantastic coach but also represented Sweden in the 1988 olympic games in Seoul, South Korea. So make sure you follow her on instagram and send us through any questions for Anna-Karin to answer next week.

If you can't wait until then, check out last year's podcast with Anna-Karin here: 

Reply to this email to send us a question or comment below.

Swim Smooth!

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