Swim Smooth - We're Building *You* A Swimming Community!

Do you swim by yourself or in a group that doesn't really suit your needs? At Swim Smooth we've worked relentlessly over the last 10 years to build a network of highly trained Certified Swim Smooth Coaches all over the world to provide you with the swimming community you need to flourish as a swimmer.

Of course each Swim Smooth setup works on your swimming technically and provides you with the right structured training sets to improve as an adult swimmer. But even more importantly every Swim Smooth coach works hard to provide you with a welcoming, nurturing, motivating and positive environment in which to swim.

Meet some of those squads around the world (they're packed full of swimmers just like yourself):
Felixstowe, UK
Montreal, Canada
Johannesburg, S Africa
Louisville, Kentucky
Perth, Australia
Sunny Doncaster, UK
Nijmegen, Netherlands

Many companies talk about trying to "connect with their community" but we're doing much more than that, we're actively building one for you!

Here's what you can expect:

- A big warm welcome from people with the same goals and outlook as yourself!

- A well organised lane suited to your ability level.

- Great camaraderie and support from the other swimmers.

- A motivating environment to work hard but have fun at the same time.

- A group of people that will inspire you to do things you never thought possible.

We're particularly proud to say that many lifelong friendships are formed in the lanes of Swim Smooth squads around the world!

Find your Swim Smooth community here:

Swim Smooth!

PS. Slightly intimidated by the term "squad"? Don't be! Swim Smooth swimmers are super friendly, we come in all shapes and sizes, and your lane will be pitched perfectly at your level. Think of our "squads" like a gym class but for swimming - lead by a highly trained expert Swim Smooth coach. So don't be intimidated, get in touch and join us today!


Unknown said...

Hi Paul and Swim Smooth. I’ve been following SS for a few years and love it. The Guru is amazing for building and managing personal training plans and meeting goals.
I wonder if and when there are plans to establish a Swim Smooth Squad in Toronto, Canada? I know of the squads in Montreal and Calgary but not here in Toronto.
Many thanks
Jane A

Jackie Murray said...

Do you have or is there going to be anything in Wales?

Paul said...

Hi Unknown and Jackie - you'll be pleased to know that we have a coach in training from both Toronto and South Wales - watch this space - whoop!

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