Don't forget to pick up a copy of today's Sunday Times newspaper!

Today we can celebrate International Women's Day in fine fettle with a front cover of Lane 2 (5.30am) squad swimmer, Bec Johnson, on the Sunday Times Magazine "STM" as she talks about the 3 ultramarathon swims she's doing as part of her campaign to show fellow Type-1 Diabetes sufferers what is truly possible!

Coincidentally, we've just released Episode 21 of the Swim Smooth Podcast which is an in-depth interview with Bec about her swimming, the squad and everything she's doing for the diabetes community - it's a fascinating listen and can be heard here:

Enjoy and hopefully we can all celebrate the women in our lives today 😊



Anonymous said...

I am uk based and fell for this. Spent the last hour flicking through the 3 magazines that make up the UK Sunday times magazine. Not a mention of swimming in any form. I guess there is such a thing as Australian Sunday Times. Feel a bit of a fool now

Paul said...

Sincerest apologies Anonymous - it wasn't meant as a "scam" or something to fool you, but thanks for your interest. The news was originally only meant to go out via our Australian channel, but mistakenly went out wider afield than that - but hopefully you'll be inspired enough to listen to the podcast nonetheless which is a real in-depth look into swimming ultramarathons with Type-1 diabetes. Thanks!

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