A New Series Of SS Swim Videos To Help You Through The Coronavirus Pandemic

Swim Smooth is pleased to announce a brand new series of videos to help you through these uncertain times with the current coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.

We've just released the first episode to Youtube:

How much swim-specific fitness can you expect to lose if your pool is closed by the coronavirus?

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What should you do if your local pool closes and you can't swim?

In this first episode we'll address the harsh reality facing us all and that is how much swim-specific fitness we will each lose as a result of these closures. As of 15th March 2020, our pools here in Australia are still open, but many events of more than 500 people have been banned and it's probably only a matter of time before we follow-suit with the rest of the world.

But, rather than getting all "doom and gloom" we want to:

- Show you objectively what you can expect to lose, so that subjectively it is not such a psychological blow.

- Show you how to limit those losses at home.

- Show you how to put your time to good use with visualisations and practice-demos whilst in lock-down mode.

- Show you how to address specific weaknesses in your swimming and things like niggly shoulders and necks that you might have felt up until now you didn't have time or knowledge to address

- Show you how to prepare to build back up again towards your goals

We'll be back very soon with episode 2.

Swim Smooth!

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