Yes, You're Going To Be Slow... Suck It Up Princess

Getting back to training after a lay-off?

Are you thinking about:

- Using a pull-buoy for a few weeks to make things easier? Or maybe buoyancy shorts?

- Training by yourself for a few weeks before joining your usual group?

- Or training with them, gunning it for 20 minutes until you're blown before jumping out saying you have got a work meeting to get to?

- Making all your sessions private on Strava 'cause you're going to be slow?

Doing any of those things is down to an inflated sense of pride. Your precious ego doesn't want anyone to think you are anything less than brilliant at all times... so you hide.

Here's the thing:
N O B O D Y   C A R E S !

So: Suck it up. Park your ego at the door, walk in the pool building and just do the session as best you can (a slower pace) without any special compensations (e.g. a pull buoy).

And then post it unedited on Strava *without* a witty title like "too much xmas pudding".

Most people won't even notice you're slower than normal. And those who do will just shrug. You can tell them why if you want but it would be even more humble to just stay quiet and get on with it.

Do that and you will improve as quickly as possible, your friends will respect you more and your sense of self will be far less god like.

So go on, do the work and if you are good enough to beat everyone come the big race this summer, you still will.

Swim Smooth!


Anonymous said...

Thanks. This whas exactly what i needed right now! :-)
/Lennart F

Tim Jordan said...

If nobody cares then why post it on Strava?!!

Unknown said...

Thanks. That's what I needed!

Unknown said...

great article - love it!

Sav said...


You hit the nail in the head!

Happy 2020!

You unblocked so many of my "whatever....inside my head thoughts"!

And you did it so gracefully!

Thanks! Happy swimming!

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