Time to grab yourself a used HUUB wetsuit for a fraction of the full retail price!

We have just released a set of 2019 ex-demo HUUB wetsuits for sale. Each suit is in A1 condition and is priced to sell - make sure you get yours quickly before they go :

Ex Demo suits released for sale:

Snap up a HUUB bargain today!
HUUB Aegis III Womens 3.3 Sizes S/M/ML - £195 (normal retail price £299)
HUUB Aegis II Womens 3.5 Size: L - £155 (normal retail price £299)
HUUB Atana Womens 3.3 Sizes: M/ML/L - £190 (normal retail price £399)
HUUB Axena Womens 3.5 Sizes: XXS/XS/SS/ML - £190 (normal retail price £499)

HUUB Archimedes II Mens 3.5 Sizes: SMT/M - £230 (normal retail price £549)
HUUB Archimedes II Mens 4.4 Size: S - £230 (normal retail price £549)
HUUB Aerious II Mens 3.5 Sizes: S/SMT - £199 (normal retail price £449)
HUUB Aerious II Mens 4.4 Size: M - £199 (normal retail price £449)
HUUB Aegis III Mens 3.5 Sizes: SMTS/M/MT/L/XL - £175 (normal retail price £299)

Want some help sizing your wetsuit? Send us an email to and let us know your height and weight. We'll be happy to help!

Not sure whether a 3:3 or 4:4 buoyancy profile is right for you? Check out Paul's explainer video on Youtube:

Swim Smooth!

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