Black Friday: Five Swim Bag Essentials

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift for your partner? Or feel the need to make a change to your swimming and need the right tool to achieve it?

No problem, skip trawling the internet for hours - we've done the hard yards for you and assembled the ultimate Swim Bag Essentials list to choose from. And yes, every item is in our Black Friday Sale!

Read on below or jump directly to our Black Friday sale here:

Please note, Black Friday offers only run whilst stock lasts - don't delay in purchasing!

1. Get Focused With A Finis Tempo Trainer Pro

First on the list is this classic easy to use tool to improve your swimming. It's been around a while but it is so so effective we can't imagine swimming without one.

The Tempo Trainer Pro works in one of two ways:

- Use a regular beep to subtly adjust your stroke rate whilst swimming. Fighting the water? Then slow things down slightly. Overgliding or too gentle with the water? Speed things up. Instant gains!

- Or, set the beep to once per length and use the Tempo Trainer as a training partner to pace you through key training sets. It keeps you focused and pushes you on when you might otherwise switch off!

The Tempo Trainer Pro is the best selling item in our Swim Shop (ever) and you can save over 10% on it in our Black Friday sale :

2. Perform Key Drills With A Perfectly Sized Pull Buoy

Second on our list is the ever humble pull buoy. Seemingly just a nicely shaped piece of foam, placed high between your legs a pull buoy allows you to perform essential drills such as Scull #1 and Doggy Paddle.

So important are these drills that it's actually pretty hard to develop a good catch and pull technique without them. Don't try performing them without a pull-buoy either, using some kick to keep your legs up overpowers the drill!

Check out this video of 20 coaches trying out sculling (with their pull buoys) and understanding the unique power of the drill through experimentation:

View here:

Get your perfectly formed Finis pull buoy (and save >10% in our Black Friday sale) here:

And if you have a naturally high body position in the water, check out the less buoyant junior version here:

3. Crossing Over In Front Of Your Head? Don't Miss The Awesome Finis Freestyler Paddles

Swimming paddles have traditionally been large circular plates which you strap to your hand to increase the water's resistance. They make it harder to pull through and so act to develop your strength.

The Finis Freestyler Paddles (and Agility paddles below) are very different. They are technique paddles, designed to give you feedback on how you swim to improve your stroke.

The Freestyler Paddle is shaped like an arrow head with a straight keel underneath. This encourages them to straighten up and point straight down the pool. So if you cross the centre line in front of your head (as so many swimmers do) they counter-act that and gently straighten you up:

They also feature a single narrow strap that you place your middle finger through (no side gripping of the paddle allowed!), meaning that if you crossover you'll feel them move under your hand - more great feedback. These versatile paddles are also a great tool to work on a nice clean hand entry into the water - highly recommended all round!

Save >10% on your Freestyler paddles in our Black Friday Sale:

4. More Advanced? Check Out The Agility and ISO Paddles

If you are a slightly more advanced swimmer, take a look at the Finis Agility Paddle and the Finis ISO Paddles - two more technique paddles focusing on different areas of the stroke.

The Agility paddle has a unique curved shape and strapless design that helps you develop a high elbow catch position. If you've been swimming a while you'll know how elusive that can be to develop:

The Agility paddles are beautiful smooth paddles to use and if you do want to do some strength training they're the perfect paddle for that too - the strapless design and curved shape makes them very easy on the hand.

Save >10% on your Agility paddles in our Black Friday Sale:

Alternatively consider the Finis ISO Paddle for intermediate to advanced swimmers. The non-symmetrical nature of this paddle creates an inbalance in the catch and pull phase forcing you to stabilise the paddle as you pull through. This makes you super-aware of the pathway of your hand and the movement through the water.

These paddles are REVERSIBLE meaning depending on the hands you wear the paddles on, you can work on different muscle groups. Wearing the black paddle on your right hand isolates the pectorals and biceps, switching the paddles over allows you to engage your latissimus dorsi and triceps. Ingenious!

Buy yours here:

5. Now You Just Need A Bag To Put Everything In!

Need somewhere to store all of your exciting new items? Then complete your Christmas list with the Finis Mesh Bag to take all your new Christmas delights to the pool. The mesh design means you can drop in wet items and they (and the bag) will still dry effectively with them inside - super!

Save >10% on your Mesh Bag in our Black Friday sale:

All of these items are available in our Black Friday Deals which are available online now, so get ordering and get yourself organised for Christmas!

Swim Smooth!

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Marilyn Garbin said...

Is it possible for me to swap my recently purchased and still in the packaging paddles for a different pair? What do I need to do? I am based in Perth, Western Australia. Thanks. Marilyn

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