Wow - The Swim Smooth Blog Is 10 Years Old!

Yes, time has flown but the Swim Smooth blog (Feel For The Water) is 10 years old this week! Way back on July 15th 2009 we launched the blog and posted for the first time and have carried on doing so religiously every Friday ever since, bringing you Swim Smooth's very best hints, tips and advice to improve your swimming direct to your inbox.

We hope you've enjoyed being a subscriber - the blog readership has steadily built until it's become the biggest swimming blog in the world with over 120,000 subscribers!

To celebrate this anniversary we've picked out some of our favourite posts from the last 10 years to look back on. As you can imagine, choosing from over 520 is very hard indeed but our chosen ones are those that we find have "stood the test of time". Over the years each continues to resonate with swimmers and we keep referring back and pointing swimmers to them time and time again.

Some here's that trip down memory lane (in no particular order) :

January 2014: Like Mixing Hot And Cold Water In The Bath
This post presents a super-simple concept that is so effective for newer swimmers. Make sure you read this if you are working on the basics of the stroke:

April 2015: But What If You Can't Swim Freestyle Continuously?
We get an email like this every week: I get I should be doing this with my arm and this with my legs but what if I can only do it for one length before having to rest?? This must-read post has our full answer on overcoming the continuous freestyle challenge:

May 2014: Mega Megan, Going From 2:12 to 1:32 / 100m
The ultimate case study into Swim Smooth's coaching is the progress made by the amazing "Mega" Megan. SS Head Coach Paul Newsome spills the beans on her phenominal swimming journey but what can you learn and apply yourself?:

May 2013: The Gradual Crescendo
What's the most common mistake people make when they swim? Holding their breath? Crossing in front of the head? Actually we think it's probably poor pacing. See what Alistair Brownlee can teach us on the subject:

June 2010: Why A Good Catch Is So Elusive - Wrong Can Feel Right
The hardest part of the stroke to develop is the catch and pull, here's a big reason why it's so elusive for so many swimmers:

August 2012: Bend It Like Becky
One of our most famous and most read posts on developing your catch and feel for the water. The great Rebecca Adlington shows us how it's done:

March 2012: Overgliding Inefficiency And The Overgliderometer
Way back in 2011 we coined the phrase "Overglider" to encapsulate the sort of swimmer who's deliberating trying to pause and glide at the front of their stroke. Been down this route yourself with your own swimming or want to understand why it's such a massive mistake for a swimmer to make? :

September 2011: A Simple Stretch To Reduce Drag
Sometimes the simplest posts are the best. Here's a simple stretch that's hugely beneficial for any swimmer with low-lying legs:

February 2013: The Four Classic Causes Of Shoulder Pain
Most swimmers experience some level of shoulder pain or injury in their swimming lives. Do you? Even if you don't you need to read this to avoid problems further down the line:

April 2014: CSS Training For Absolute Beginners
Heard of CSS training but need to understand what it is? This highly popular post explains everything you need to know to get started and see your times coming down:

February 2014: Should You Be Using A Two Beat Kick?
Another super-common question we get asked by swimmers time and time again. Flutter (6 beat) or switch (2 beat)? The answer might surprise you:

April 2014: The Great Bilateral Breathing Controversy
Our most commented, re-posted and discussed blog. Bilateral breathing remains such a controversial subject in swimming, here's our definitive post on the subject:

November 2011: Fingers Together Or Apart?
One of our personal favourites and another common question from swimmers - should you try and swim with your fingers slightly apart as many have been told?

June 2013: Paul Newsome's Winning Manhattan Race Report: "Stroke-Stroke-Breathe" Cut & Paste x 12,000
Inspiring race/event reports always make for great blog posts. Paul's raced at a very high level in the name of Swim Smooth over the years but here's perhaps his greatest achievement. The behind the scenes story of his 46km (!) Manhattan Island Marathon Swim win:

A big thanks from everyone at Swim Smooth for following the blog every week. So what do the next 10 years have in store for us? Well as always we're super busy working on numerous projects to help us deliver the magic of the Swim Smooth system to you ever more efficiently and effectively. Stay tuned to the blog for details!

Swim Smooth!

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