Swim *Smooth* - What's In A Name?

At the very core of Swim Smooth's coaching lies two fundamental tenets:

- There's no universal best stroke style that everyone should swim with.

- To reach your potential in the water, you need an individual approach that takes into account what works for you personally.

There's no better example of this philosophy in action than Swim Smooth's recognition that there are two classic stroke styles (not one) used by elite swimmers - the "Swinger" and the "Smooth".

However, this potentially brings us to a position of slight conflict... Does the name Swim Smooth suggest that you should exclusively aim to swim with the Smooth stroke style? We hope not but agree it could be confusing at first sight.

Let's clarify!

A great "Smooth", such as Jono Van Hazel certainly looks pleasing on the eye:

(click video to see full clip)

Looking past the aesthetics, notice the strong sense of rhythm in his stroke, something that is absolutely key to moving him through the water effectively.

Now take a look at a classic Swinger stroke - performed here by SS Coach Anna-Karin Lundin:

(click video to see full clip)

Anna-Karin's a phenomenal swimmer who went to the 1988 Olympic Games. Despite being a Swinger and using that straighter arm recovery style combined with a shorter stroke and a faster turnover, all her movements are still inherently *smooth*.

This fluid, continuous (and yes smooth) movement is deep at the core of how all great swimmers progress through the water - whether of the Swinger or Smooth type. We see no conflict - look past the aesthetics and both styles have inherent smoothness when performed well.

So can you "Swing Smooth"? - yes absolutely you can! When performed well the Swinger style has just as much fluidity and smoothness as the Smooth type - even though it might not be the first thing that immediately strikes you about the stroke.

Swim Smooth!

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