SS Podcast Episode 15 - David Davies, Britain's Olympic medallist In The Pool And Open Water!

Yes Adam and Paul are back with episode 15 of the Swim Smooth Podcast! This week our special guest is no other than David Davies, Britain's only male Olympic medallist in the pool and open water.

Despite Dave appearing to swim with (in his words) a "spider" stroke, his childhood coach Dave Haller recognised that this was the way that Dave was meant to swim - changing this would be detrimental to his performance.

Dave competes in the 1500m at the 2012 British Gas Swimming Championships

Paul and Adam are speaking to you from
Perth, Australia and Cambridge, UK

It's only when faced with his third Olympic Games in his home country and the prospect of going from Bronze to Silver to (hopefully) Gold was Dave tempted to alter his stroke and approach... What happened? Dave discusses this in a very candid manner which you will find super interesting.

Dave is one of the nicest blokes you're ever likely to speak to, so it was a great privilege to speak with him on this show - we hope you enjoy!

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In addition to the context, appreciate the "cleaner" font in this issue

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