Announcing Our New Partnership With Everyone Active

Swim Smooth are very excited to announce our new partnership with Everyone Active - a world class leisure company who operate nearly 160 leisure centres across the UK.

Under the arrangement, our certified coaches will be operating in many of their pools and what's more, Everyone Active swim members will have the standard version of the Swim Smooth Guru included with their membership!

Jacqui Tillman, head of swimming at Everyone Active announces: “The partnership with Swim Smooth will bring benefits and add value to our swim-only members. We chose to partner with Swim Smooth based on its reputation for providing world-class support and advice to swimmers, and I am excited to see the positive impact it has on our members.”

If you swim in an Everyone Active centre but do not yet have a membership with them, why not sign-up for a swim membership and get Guru access immediately! You can find more information on that here:

And locate your nearest Everyone Active centre here:

Using the SS Guru With Your Everyone Active Swim Membership

If you are a EA swim-only member* you can now access your shiny new Guru standard-level account - a brilliant tool to improve your swimming! This includes:

- The Complete SS Drill Set for you to refer to and use to improve your stroke.

- Step-by-step Fault Fixers to correct any flaw that is holding you back.

- Our detailed Elite Swimmer studies to inform and inspire you in equal measure (including double Olympic Gold Medallist Rebecca Adlington).

- Our full Learn To Swim Program - teaching you the freestyle (front-crawl) stroke from scratch.

- Normally you need a PRO level subscription to get access to our training plans but we've included a special training plan to build your swim fitness and stroke technique.

* Note, at this time, only swim-only members have the Guru included in their membership.

Unleash the Guru on your swimming!

Get Started Right Away

To start using the Guru through your swim membership, login to your Everyone Active profile here:

Go to "My Profile" and you will see the Swim Smooth link under the Your Centre section:

Or, even easier, follow this link:

Once you transfer over to the Guru from there, you can keep returning to it at (so long as your cookies are enabled).

Don't swim in an Everyone Active centre? No problem, you can subscribe to the Guru yourself from as little as £1.99 / US$2.99 / AU$3.99 / €2.99 per month. Get started here:

Swim Smooth!


Dan said...

A Question on Quick breathing.

I know that this is not relevant to the blog subject this week,
but maybe you will be ready to answer anyway, as I do not know where to post this question.

Dear Swim Smooth team,

Your fantastic book, blog and website helped me improve
a lot my swimming during the last three years.
One issue your refer to is Breathing timing, and in particular
"late breathing" and how to correct this.

However, I could not find in your book/websites any reference to the fault of "slow breathing." Is it an important part of breathing technique to have "quick breathing"? I feel that my slow breathing holds me back, as I need to start the pull still with my head turned to the side, and if I try to do quick breathing I run out of air quite quickly. Could you explain the correct fixing process?


Unknown said...

Can you do all the drills at everyone active as having trouble finding a pool where I can use my fins

Adam Young said...

Hi unknown, that will depend on the centre and the session you'd be swimming in but most will allow you to swim with fins during lane swimming.

Cheers, Adam

Adam Young said...

Hi Dan,

You might be trying to shorten your breathing window too much! Your head should turn back to the water just ahead of your arm recovering over the surface. Leave it slightly too late and that shoulder would hit the side of your head, so turn back slightly earlier than that.

Normally when people have a problem with breathing timing it's because they're starting their breathing late and that shortens the available window. Well worth reading in relation:


Unknown said...

Hi Adam been talking to a few pools in everyone active they have no idea of swimsmooth partnership and can't use fins or snorkel seem to be in partnership with local councils so it seem not worth joining


Unknown said...

This swim smooth link is not appearing in my Everyone Active profile, any idea why not?

Adam Young said...

Hi guys,

The information should have been sent out to all EA centres from head office - please do ask them to check! I'm told most centres should allow fins during fitness/lanes swimming times.

If the link isn't appearing please check with your centre on your membership level, you need to be a swim member.



Unknown said...

Hi, Shame it is not included in existing Swim only memberships! It seems you do have to pay extra for the privilege of joining Swimsmooth. I have been told I have to upgrade to a Swimsmooth Swim membership!

Adam Young said...

HI Kevin,

We are in the new standard swim package - so if you are on the old membership tier you might have to upgrade.


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