Three Brilliant Paddles From Finis

When it comes to developing your stroke technique, swimming with paddles might not be the first thing that comes to mind. They are normally associated with resistance training and building muscular strength during the pull pathway.

However, here are three unique paddles from Finis that ARE focused on developing your stroke. Yes they increase the resistance a little but that's not their primary purpose. Instead each focuses on a different area of your technique to have you swimming more quickly and effectively.

We use them every day with our squads here in Perth and during our stroke correction sessions:

The Finis Freestyler Paddle

If you've been following Swim Smooth for a while then you've almost certainly come across the Finis Freestyler paddle. It's shaped like an arrow head with a keel on the bottom:

The Freestylers very much fit with the Cause And Effect principle behind our coaching. They help prevent crossing over the midline as you enter the water and extend forwards:

By correcting this 'cause' they remove many of the effects a crossover creates - shoulder injury, scissor kicks and swimming off-course in open water.

These paddles correct cross-over by being quite unstable on your hand. They have only one strap for your middle finger and being shaped like an arrow-head with a unique skeg design on the bottom they straighten themselves up in the water. A bit like the tail on a weather vane keeping it pointing into the wind, the skeg likes to keep the paddle pointing straight up the lane. So, if you cross over the centre line in your stroke technique, the paddle tries to straighten you up and you feel this - instant feedback you are doing something wrong!

The Finis Agility Paddle

Whilst the Freestyler is all about hand entry and extension forwards underwater, the Agility paddle focuses on the next part of the stroke - the catch itself.

The Agility's strapless design is immediately noticeable:
That's not just comfy on the hand, it means you have to keep a light pressure on the paddle during the catch and pull (good technique) or it will literally fall off!

The subtle curvature of the underside of the paddle also helps guide you into a high elbow catch position at the front of the stroke. Perfect for intermediate swimmers looking to develop their catch technique:

Find out more and purchase here:

The Finis ISO Paddles

The newest paddle in the Finis line-up and a brilliant paddle for intermediate to advanced swimmers.

The paddle is non-symmetrical, such that it creates an imbalance in the catch and pull phases of the stroke, which forces you to apply more pressure on either side of the paddle in order to maintain an effective pull-through underwater.

The side-blade of the paddle can be on the outside of the hand (yellow paddle on right hand, black on left) which engages the lat muscles during the pull. Or swap hands (yellow paddle on left hand, black on right) and the blade is on the inside, engaging the chest and bicep groups:

You actually don't have to think too much to get the most from these paddles. Swim in both positions, control the pull pathway, then remove the paddles and voilĂ ! - Improved awareness and coordination of your catch and pull.

The ISO paddle is one of those designs that makes you think "damn why didn't I think of that?". A fantastic idea beautifully executed!

Find out more and purchase in our shop here:

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