Meet Professor Greg Whyte - Coach To The Stars

In episode 8 of the Swim Smooth Podcast we're very lucky to be talking with Professor Greg Whyte OBE - a legend in the Sports and Exercise Science world and a guy who has helped raise in excess of £40 million for Sport / Comic Relief with over 30 amazing challenges of human endurance with some of the world's most famous celebrities:

Greg's book Achieve the Impossible is exactly what you need to kick start your year the right way. It's a brilliant compendium that seeks to help you set yourself some objectives for the future and then go after them with the type of tenacity that allowed Little Britain comedian David Walliams to swim the English Channel in an amazing 10½ hours and to then swim the length of the River Thames (some 140+ miles in 8 days).

You can see more about the book here:

Paul and Greg during the Walliams vs. The Thames swim
With David on day 2 of this epic challenge
In the podcast we go into great depth about how to take on these amazing endurance events and look at how 4 "normal" ladies from the UK (all of whom have faced various personal challenges in their life), go from swimming head-up breaststroke to swimming the English Channel in under 14 hours in some terrible conditions.

WARNING!! This is super inspirational and you can observe the full documentary on this here:

Greg was Swim Smooth Head Coach Paul Newsome's sports physiologist as part of Chris Jones' One Vision triathlon team back in the mid-90s and the inspiration behind Paul following his path in sports science and coaching.

We hope you love the podcast with Greg and that it sets you up for a great 2019!

Cheers! Paul & Adam


Anonymous said...

hi Paul - the link to the blog takes me to a generic page - can you kindly point me in the right direction?

Unknown said...

WOW! Superinspirational! :-)

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