Meet Joe Skipper - Not Your Average Joe

Hear our interview with Joe Skipper on Episode 9 of the Swim Smooth podcast here (links to more platforms below):

One thing that is a constant source of pleasure at Swim Smooth is having pro athletes travel from around the world to train with us at our home base in Perth, Western Australia.

One such triathlete is the UK's Joe Skipper who had a fantastic year's racing in 2018, finishing 7th at the World Championships in Hawaii and winning Ironman UK:

Joe has been following Swim Smooth's philosophy of swimming for a while, having consulted over the last couple of years with Seamus Bennett, our excellent certified coach in Suffolk, UK.

Training at Claremont pool: Joe resetting his Tempo Trainer Pro

As you'd expect from anyone who swims 50 minutes for 3.8km in rough waters of Hawaii, there's more right with Joe's swimming than wrong and whilst Paul's been fine-tuning a few things (notably his breathing pattern) Joe certainly doesn't need a major overhaul of his stroke (you can see Joe swimming for yourself here).

Erm! Paul and Joe, Xmas 2018.
One of the great things about Joe is that he's extremely open and honest about sharing his experiences and how he trains, for instance you can see every single one of his training sessions logged on Strava here:

That makes him the perfect podcast guest as we get into the nitty gritty of training for elite Ironman performance, how Paul is working on fine tuning his swimming performances and what to apply to your own training and racing.

It's a fascinating listen! :

Swim Smooth!


Andy Turnbull said...

Re Home made parachutes:

I was thinking of jsut using my tow float, half inflated, weighted down if necessary?

Would that work?

Cheers, Andy

ps Great to hear the Joe Skipper interview, very refreshing to hear a pro openly discussing his training numbers!

Adam Young said...

Hi Andy, I'm sure it would do something although we've not tried that so can't be sure. Let us know!


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