Free Perth Trip Competition: And The Lucky Winner Is...

As you know, every year on December 1st we pick a very special winner and fly them from wherever they are in the world to visit us in Perth Australia. Chosen at random from the Swim Smooth blog subscribers (of which you are one) they will stay with us for a week, are personally coached by Paul Newsome to improve their swimming and enjoy swimming with the Swim Smooth Squad:

Last Saturday we conducted this annual draw for the first time and picked the lucky winner "out of the hat".... drumroll please:


You'll be pleased to know we recorded the moment we phoned up Artem and told him he'd won, which will be included in an edition of our podcast to be released very soon. In the meantime you can enjoy the moment on our Instagram post here and video here:

We hope to get Artem over to Perth early next year and we will share with you his experiences and development during the trip - we can't wait!

We are very sorry if you missed out this time but make sure you stay subscribed to the Swim Smooth blog for next year's draw. You could be the lucky 2019 winner!

You can find out full details of the competition here:

Swim Smooth!

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