Stop. Thinking. Just. Start.

What's the single most common thing holding swimmers back? A crossover? Not enough rotation? Need higher elbows? Holding their breath underwater?

Actually we believe the most common thing is PROCRASTINATION.

Thinking about something without doing, putting it off until tomorrow, not giving something a go for fear of failing, over-analysing, watching every video on Youtube and reading every swimming article out there... but not actually swimming. All are forms of procrastination.

The simple fact is that becoming a good swimmer is a journey, it involves practise and training and experience and giving it a go. Yes it actually involves swimming!

Your first strokes might not be perfect (in fact we guarantee they won't be) but actually getting off the couch and taking the journey down to the pool is essential. The sooner you start, the sooner you get somewhere.

Of course one of the key ways you can overcome procrastination is to join a group of swimmers such as those run by our marvellous Swim Smooth coaches: These are super-friendly and suitable for a huge range of swimmers from those new to swimming through to experienced competitors:

Perth squad swimmers - find your local squad here

So before you get too heavily into the technical details of the sport, perhaps the single most important thing you can do to improve your swimming is to stop thinking and just start!

Swim Smooth!

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