Case Studies Part 2 - Kicktastics, Overgliders and Swingers

Here in the second of our two part Case Studies Series, we take a look at three more in depth examinations of swimmers of different stroke styles by our head Coach Paul Newsome.

In each 4-8 minute study, Paul takes a look at some classic Kicktastics, Overgliders and Swingers Swim Types, seeing how we developed and improved their swimming to take large strides forward. Recognise yourself and get some great pointers on how to improve your own speed in the water!

You can also see last week's post here where we examined Arnies, Bambinos and Smooths:

Let's go:

Classic Kicktastics

Can you guess it? Kicktastics tend to... errr... over kick! They are experienced competent swimmers who move quite well through the water but lack arm propulsion causing them to overly rely on their leg kick for forward movement.

Unfortunately kicking is a very inefficient source of propulsion, burning a lot of oxygen and energy. This means that Kicktastics commonly feel short of breath when they swim and move significantly slower through the water than they should.

Paul shows us some classic Kicktastics and the sort of drills and methods we use to improve their swimming:

If you recognise yourself as a bit of a Kicktastic and want to improve your stroke then follow our full Kicktastic stroke correction process with a Guru PRO subscription here:

It's called "Inspiring The Kicktastic"!

The Classic Overglider

Overgliders have been swimming for a while and are typically adult leaners. They like a mindful academic approach to learning and have typically read all the books on swimming and studied hundreds of Youtube videos before spending much (or any!) time in the water.

The significant thing Overgliders have worked on is maximising their distance-per-stroke and unfortunately they have taken this concept a little too far, overly lengthening and introducing several stroke flaws as a result.

Paul shows us more:

Have you gone down the path of Overgliding within your own stroke? Use our step-by-step process to improve your swimming in the Guru, we call it "Curing The Overglider" :

In no time at all it will transform your efficiency and you will quickly notice the increase in speed and effectiveness of your swimming.


Nothing to do with putting their car keys in a pot (!) Swingers are so named because they naturally use a straighter swinging arm recovery over the top of the water. They are fast and competent swimmers who enjoy their time in the water and swim with a faster stroke rate, making them naturally suited to open water swimming.

Fundamentally their stroke style is very effective but small stroke flaws can slip in which can hold them back. There can also be a tendency to "over-rev" and hurry the catch a little too much.

Paul takes up the story:

Naturally swing when you swim? Check out our easy to use stroke correction process, available with a PRO Guru subscription:

You can find out further information and diagnose your own Swim Type on our dedicated micro-site here:

Swim Smooth!

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