Paul On Tower 26 Podcast & Our Montreal Coach-Ed Course

Here at Swim Smooth we are very lucky to be able to travel the globe doing what we love most - working with coaches and swimmers to spread the word about great coaching. The last couple of weeks have been no exception to this as we took the long trip from Australia to visit North America.

Firstly our Head Coach & Founder Paul Newsome dropped in to visit Gerry Rodrigues and Jim Lubinski in Los Angeles to be interviewed on their famous Tower 26 "Be Race Ready" Podcast, talking everything from stroke technique for swimmers of different heights and builds, through to getting started in coaching and setting up Swim Smooth.

Highly recommended listening whether you are a swimmer looking to improve or a budding swim/tri coach just getting started.

Check out the podcast here:

Or on iTunes:

Paul (left) and Gerry

Paul: Gerry and Jim have a very open and pragmatic approach to coaching - I’ve been liaising over email with Gerry for several years and he’s always been very welcoming towards our coaches when they head over to L.A. His beach sessions are phenomenally popular at Tower 26 but sadly I didn’t get to partake such was the nature of the flying visit en-route to Canada. We plan to stay in touch and the guys have already asked if I’d pop back on the show again sometime soon. Watch this space!

Next we visited SS Coach Bart Rolet's fantastic Swim Smooth squad in Montreal to run our 3 Day Coach Education Course with coaches attending from all over North America (and even some from Europe making the big trip over). Here are the coaches:

We are very proud of Coach Bart (front left above) who operates one of our 48 worldwide Swim Smooth programs that totally emulates what we do in Perth. The vibe, atmosphere and fun couldn't be more similar to Perth. Watch Paul discussing this in the course classroom here:

You can find a list of all our Swim Smooth Squads here:

Bart runs his squad out of two pools, first the 1976 Montreal Olympic Stadium where we ran the course:

And the gorgeous outdoor Parc Jean-Drapeau, which is right next door to the F1 track and also hosted the 2009 Fina World Championships. Here's a quick video of Bart introducing one of his regular squad sessions there:

Three days isn't anywhere near enough to become a Swim Smooth Coach of course but provides a good introduction to our methods. It is very intensive but a lot of fun at the same time featuring an introduction to video analysis and stroke correction, effective training methods for distance swimmers, running an effective squad and mastering open water skills. You can find out more about it here:

The course contains live video analysis and stroke correction sessions with guest swimmers. One such swimmer in Montreal was Ed Baker - who won Ironman Lake Placid overall just 3 days after this session with Paul. Here's Paul, Ed and the coaches during the video analysis, talking using parachutes as a stroke correction tool to counter over-gliding:

Here's what Ed said after his Ironman win: Thanks Paul! I went 56 minutes for the swim and it felt like I was just warming up the entire time. I was really surprised by how easy it felt. It left me fresh on the bike. Your coaching has been a huge help already! You can also see Ed's instagram post after the session here:

And on the final day the coaches also get busy with their own stroke correction on clinic swimmers:

All together a fantastic group, taking us to >500 worldwide who have now sat this course. Many of these coaches are interested in selection to become a Swim Smooth coach and could be chosen if they have the right combination of drive, talent and skills.

If you are interested in attending this course in the future (it's the ONLY way to be considered to be a SS coach) then make sure you are a member of our coaches network and you will be invited to apply when the next dates are announced:

Swim Smooth!

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