We're Visiting Montréal For A Special One Off Clinic - Join Us There!

On Saturday 21st July 2018, Swim Smooth Head Coaches Paul Newsome and Adam Young will be running a very special Video Analysis and Stroke Correction Clinic at the Olympic Stadium Pool, Montréal.

This is a rare opportunity to have your swimming filmed, analysed and corrected by Paul Newsome in this inspiring location! Grab your place now - this will fill very quickly:

Meet our hosts: SS Coach Bart Rolet runs a brilliant coaching setup in Montréal!
Find out more at: www.swimsmoothmontreal.com  

Can't make it? Book a session with one of our Certified Coaches instead. Hand picked and highly trained by Paul and Adam to give your swimming a major upgrade! :

And see a list of forthcoming Swim Smooth events here:

Some Stories To Get You Inspired

One of the great things about Swim Smooth is that if you're ever feeling a little flat there's plenty of inspiration out there from our worldwide community of coaches and swimmers to pick you up!

We tend to hit a schedule something like this:

Monday: Something motivating to pick you up for the week ahead.
Tuesday: What are our coaches and their squads up to around the world?
Wednesday: Hints and tips to improving your technique.
Thursday: Throwback Thursday of course, something from the SS archives!
Friday: Some of the most amazing places to swim around the world.
Saturday: Let's keep it individual with some technique insight specific to you.
Sunday: Where are we in the world? Swim Smooth caps can travel a LONG way!

So with the aim of pumping you up for the weekend ahead, here's a selection of posts from the last few weeks. Don't forget to follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for plenty more:

Meet Campbell - he's super pumped to pick up a bronze medal in the inter-schools 50m breaststroke. 8 weeks previously he could barely swim. What could you achieve in 8 weeks if you put your mind to it?:

Swim Smooth Coach Julian Nagi shows us the most important words in swim coaching??! :

Live from Perth - Coach Jana Schoeman working with a swimmer during her certification training: 

That's a wrap - finishing off another Coach-Ed course in Mallorca with a great bunch of coaches from all over the world:

Wish you could swim with these crazies every day? Actually your nearest squad may not be as far away as you think: www.swimsmooth.com/coaches

Where it all began in Mission Bay - the location of the very first triathlon in San Diego. Sponsored by Pizza Port:

Over complicating things? Let's keep it simple - SS Suffolk Coach Seamus Bennett's squad shows us their smiley faces:

And last but definitely not least we have Linda (aka "Mother Smooth") one of the unsung heroes of planet Swim Smooth. Here seen packing up after the triathlon show in London back in February: 

Swim Smooth!

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