Tri Show London - Book A Session With A Swim Smooth Coach!

Swim Smooth are very excited to announce that we are going to be at the Triathlon Show London at ExCel from February 23-25th! It's going to be a fantastic show with all the latest gear and equipment for you to check out, including loads of live activities around the arena and live Swim Smooth coaching in the pool:

SS Head Coach Paul Newsome leads a Group Masterclass Session at last year's show.

Paul Newsome is flying in from Perth to coach the Masterclass sessions, host the special elite athlete demos and deliver some very special seminars for you on how to improve your swimming.

Buy your tickets here:

Book A Session With A Swim Smooth Coach At The Show

Swim Smooth are exclusive swim coaches in the pool and the great news is that you can book an individual 1-to-1 Stroke Correction Session with an expert Swim Smooth coach at the show. What better way to improve your relaxation, speed and efficiency in the water, whatever your level of swimming?

Book a session with a highly trained (and very friendly!) SS Coach

There are also group "Masterclass" sessions available taking you through a range of skills to tune up your stroke under the tutelage of Head Coach Paul Newsome:

Slots are filling up fast so please don't delay in booking your session here:

If you can't get a slot then why not bring some footage of your stroke to our stand on a USB drive? We'll take a quick look for free and give you some good pointers to take your swimming quickly forwards.

Or if it's just too far to travel to the show then book in to see your local Swim Smooth Coach instead, they're based all around the world:

Paul Newsome Seminars

In the 220 Experts Area, Paul will be delivering a special seminar every day on how to improve your swimming the Swim Smooth way:

Friday 23rd Feb: What truly is an efficient stroke and how can you work to simply improve your efficiency by up to 50% by knowing a couple of key fundamental differences between the elites of the world and the rest of us.

Saturday 24th Feb: Why do some of the world’s best open water swimmers and triathletes look seemingly ungainly in the water and what can we learn from them to adapt our own strokes to the open water more effectively.

Saturday 24th Feb: Totally daunted by your first triathlon and open water swim? How to overcome the challenges of an open water swim, cope with the pressure and have a brilliant swim on race day.

Sunday 25th Feb: You haven’t got all the time in the world to swim train (what with all your biking and running too), so how exactly do you maximise your swim specific fitness development without becoming waterlogged in the process.

Exact timetable to be announced soon.

Every seminar is free with your entry to the show and guaranteed to give you great insight into developing your swimming.

Check Out The Marlin on The Swim Smooth Stand!

The Platysens Marlin is a next generation swimming tool, not only recording your session like a swimming watch but speaking to you whilst you swim, giving you feedback on your stroke, talking you through training plans and guiding you to swim straight in open water!

Swim Smooth have been an integral part of the development team at Platysens, making sure this exciting new technology gives you the right feedback and prompts you in the right way to maximise your development as a swimmer.

The Marlin is already on sale on our website but you can see (and hear!) it for yourself at the show - and if you jump in the pool then try it out for yourself.

We're On Stand TR200 - Right By The Pool

As you'd expect we'll have all the latest coaching products on the stand and plenty of time to chat to you about improving your experience in the water:

Come and say hello to the team - we look forward to seeing you there!

Full show info is here:

Swim Smooth


Unknown said...

Hi Paul, I've booked a 1-2-1 session for the Saturday which I'm really looking forward to. Do I need to bring a wetsuit or is the temperature okay for skins?

Paul said...

I'd highly recommend bringing a wetsuit Cathy :-)

Unknown said...

Thank you, Paul - glad I checked!

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