Super Sue & Jason Are Firing Up For The Channel

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Interested in knowing more of the history of Swim Smooth, what influenced our coaching philosophy, what we have in the pipeline and the trials and tribulations of starting a swimming movement? Listen to Paul Newsome's tell-all podcast here with WA Real host Bryn Edwards:

Some highlights:

1:00 Arriving in Australia
5:00 Starting out and coaching individual swimmers
18:05 Creating Swim Types
23:00 Starting Swim Smooth and the DVD Boxset
31:05 Creating a generous business and British Triathlon
40:00 Creating the Guru and our network of coaches
50:30 The future of Swim Smooth
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Super Sue & Jason Are Firing Up For The Channel

Here at Swim Smooth, we have some very special swimmers in our ranks but none more so than Sue Oldham and Jason Snell:

Sue last swam the English Channel in 2010 aged 64 and in doing so set a new record for the oldest woman to cover the 34 km distance. However earlier this year American Pat Gallant-Charette successfully took that record from Sue, setting the new record at 66 years.

Not deterred and now 71 years young, "Super" Sue has been training hard and is back into full channel swimming mode. She goes for the crossing in just a few weeks time, setting off from Dover when good weather and tides align.

Jason climbed Mount Everest in 2016 and is aiming to be one of only a handful of people to have climbed Everest and also swum the channel - two amazing feat of endurance. We look forward to asking Jason for the definitive answer to the question Which is harder mate??!

These two guys are probably the most inspiring athletes in the Perth squads. If you're lacking a little motivation with your own swimming right now, take a leaf out of Sue and Jason's books - each are regularly knocking out 10-18km training swims right now! It can't be that hard to get down the pool for that 2km technique set can it?

Have fantastic swims Sue & Jason - everyone in Perth and around the world is rooting for you!

On Thursday Jason and Sue did a little media work with Channel 10 News and put themselves through some cold water adaption training in the Swim Smooth endless pool. It's only 15C / 58F in their right now! :

Sue soaking up some rays

Sue and coach Pauline

Sue makes the evening news!

Jason talks channel swim training and Everest

And you can watch that news piece here:

More photos and video on our Instagram feed here:

Elsewhere... a hidden location deep in central Europe, the next generation of Swim Smooth is brewing:

Coming soon!

And More Teasing:

Finis have a BIG announcement coming on August 29th... don't miss! :

Swim Smooth!

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