Announcing New Swim Smooth Coaches In San Diego, Calgary, Tunbridge Wells and Manchester

Working on your stroke 1-to-1 with a fully qualified
Swim Smooth Coach is a revelatory experience.
Swim Smooth are very proud to announce the certification of four new Swim Smooth Coaches in Tunbridge Wells and Manchester - UK, San Diego - California and Calgary - Canada.

Training to be a SS Coach is a huge undertaking. Developing the necessary skills and experience of advanced video analysis, stroke correction, squad coaching and open water skills takes time and cannot be rushed. We are fortunate enough to be able to pick our coaches from a large talent pool but even for very experienced coaches, training takes at least 1 to 2 years.

Whether you are a complete beginner or elite competitor, when you see a Swim Smooth Coach you can be assured you are seeing a talented highly trained individual with the very best coaching methods at their disposal.

Congratulations Laura, Mary, Lucy and John!

For full information on all our coaches and to find your local Swim Smooth Coach see:

Laura Ansell - Tunbridge Wells, UK:

Master teacher and coach, Laura, has been a swimming teacher and coach for 17 years.

Laura went on to coordinate her own swim school alongside Cannons Health and Fitness and Swimming Nature at the age of 19, and combined the manual manipulation techniques of Shaw, with elite stroke techniques from ex-Olympic swimmers with whom Laura swam and studied with, to the forefront of her coaching style.

Laura co-wrote the First Choice Swim Abroad programme and implemented it’s curriculum through Europe from 2006-2007.

Laura spent her youth competing at County and National championships for Hertfordshire and GB, and held the 100M Butterfly and IM record for her age group for Hertfordshire. Laura is currently the KC ASA Open Water Manager and her passion to drive the sport forwards has meant she is the head of the ASA Open Water Committee.

Laura specialises in nervous and new swimmers of all ages and abilities, and supports their learning in a supportive, nurturing and empathetic manner which has seen her athletes continue to Triathlon AG placing, and World Series qualifying, as well as producing pool and open water County and National level swimmers.

Mary Jessey, Calgary, Canada:

Mary is thrilled to be introducing Calgary to the Swim Smooth Coaching method!

Mary has been swimming her whole life – first as a competitive age group swimmer, then as a member of a NCAA University team, and most recently through the sport of Triathlon.  She progressed from sprint distance to Ironman distance races and then started sharing her passion for the sport through coaching.

After 5 years of focusing on Triathlon coaching, and the realization that swimming is often the limiter for triathletes, she decided to expand her focus on swim coaching. In 2016, she attended a Swim Smooth coaching course in California where she fine-tuned her swim coaching skills. Then, in January 2017, she continued her education and training under Swim Smooth mentorship, in Perth, in order to become the first female Swim Smooth Certified Coach in Canada and only in Western Canada.

She has been told by her swimmers that her squad sessions both in the pool and in open water are “focused, fun and fly by”.  She finds it rewarding to work with both newbies and lifetime swimmers and enjoys the camaraderie that exists within her squad. She finds that if swimmers supplement regular squad sessions with periodic video analysis and stroke correction sessions with her, a swimmer of any ability will improve their technique, gain efficiency and get faster!

Find more information about Swim Smooth services in Calgary here:

Lucy Lloyd-Roach, Manchester, UK :

Lucy is a "Smooth" with a strong swimming background, having spent most of her years growing up around a poolside. She continues to compete at a Masters level and has broken individual Masters British records in the 100 and 200 butterfly and has been on 6 Masters World record breaking relay teams. It was only as an adult that she discovered the joys of open water swimming and using the Swim Smooth coaching system she successfully made the transition from the pool to the open water.  Her open water highlight to date was being part of the fastest ever female double English Channel relay in 2015.

Lucy has been lucky enough to follow turn her passion into a career and to help get others enjoying their swimming; she has been teaching and coaching full time for over 10 years. In this time she’s worked with all ages and abilities of swimmers from those nervously taking their first strokes right up to those training for world age group triathlon championships and solo English Channel swims.

Her aims are to get you swimming better and thinking differently about your swimming!

John Chipponeri, San Diego, California:

As the first Swim Smooth Certified Coach in California, John is pumped up to bring the professionalism and passion of Swim Smooth to San Diego.

John discovered Swim Smooth in 2013 during a 4-year corporate assignment in Perth, Australia.  Already in the swim coaching business, John quickly identified the unique, passionate and effective methods of Swim Smooth.

His pursuit of stroke efficiency has helped him overcome his Overglider tendencies and to successfully train for and complete the 20km Rottnest channel swim in 2016 in just over 6-hours.

Along with his Swim Smooth Coaching Certification, John is passionate about putting his long history of coaching and competing in a variety sports, including 15 years as a triathlete and open water swimmer, in to practice to inspire swimmers of all levels to enjoy swimming, be challenged, and become more efficient and faster swimmers.

John is also a USAT Youth and junior Certified Coach, Triathlon Australia Certified Coach, US Masters Certified Level 2 Swim Coach and a TriDot triathlon coach.

For full information on all our Swim Smooth coaches and to find your local Swim Smooth Coach see:

And for more information on training to become a Swim Smooth coach, visit:

Swim Smooth!

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