What We're Up To In Sunny Mallorca This Week

Hello from Mallorca! Paul Newsome, Adam Young and Morgan Williams are here running our 3 Day Coach Education Course with 20 coaches at the awesome BEST Centre in Mallorca - an amazing venue to run a swim training course:

If you've been following Swim Smooth for a while you'll know that coach education is a big passion of ours - one of our key goals as a company is to spread the news far and wide about how coaches can raise their game and improve the effectiveness of their coaching.

We thought we'd share with you a few shots from the training course and let you know what we're up to:

The coaches have travelled from all Europe - and the world - for this course. Three days isn't anywhere near enough to become a Swim Smooth Coach of course but provides a good introduction to our methods. It is very intensive but a lot of fun at the same time.

The basics of video analysis are a large part of day 1. Swimmer Manu travelled all the way from Marseille to Mallorca for his 1to1 video analysis and stroke correction with Paul, as observed and discussed by the coaches:

The coaches hail from the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Luxembourg, Australia, Sweden, Denmark, Ireland, South Africa and the UK:

Of course we should take account of a swimmer's individuals height, build, experience and strength. Not everyone is the size and shape of an Olympic swimmer after all:

In depth classroom discussions:

Open water swimming at dawn in the beautiful waters off Sant Jordi:

Many of these coaches will be interested in selection to become a Swim Smooth coach and could be chosen if they have the right combination of drive, talent and skills.

If you're a coach interested in attending a future coaching course, make sure you're a member of our Coaches Network to get an invitation to apply (generally we don't announce our coaches courses publicly):

And for more information on becoming a Swim Smooth coach see here:

AND after the course has finished we'll be taking part in the BEST Fest Swim Festival. If you're taking part or in the area, come and say hi - it's going to be a phenomenal series! If you're not out for the festival this time, make sure you plan ahead and attend in 2018:

We hope you're having a great time swimming wherever you are in the world - let us know what you are up to and share some pictures in your neck of the woods!

Swim Smooth!

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Richard Eden said...

Hello Tim Tandy. Looks Awesome with Newsome! :) Richard

Unknown said...

Fantastic session being coached yesterday. loved every moment. Thanks Paul, Adam, Morgan and all of the coaches being coached for a great day. Now time for another dip!

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