FLASH SALE - HUUB Wetsuit Bargains!

This is one of our favourite times of year... Spring has sprung in the northern hemisphere and the open water season is starting in earnest!

To celebrate we're running a quick Flash Wetsuit Sale to make way for new wetsuit stock.

Get yourself an amazing bargain and order your shiny new wetsuit from our Swim Shop at these very very special prices (also with **Free Worldwide Shipping**!).

Availability of these new suits is very limited so move quickly, when these suits are gone, they're gone:

Sizes AvailableRetail PriceSale Price
HUUB Archimedes 1 4.4 XSEnd of line£199Buy Now
HUUB Archimedes 1 3.5 XSEnd of line£199Buy Now
HUUB Aerious 1 4.4 XS, SEnd of line£149Buy Now
HUUB Aerious 1 3.5 XSEnd of line£149Buy Now
HUUB Aura 3.3LEnd of line£199Buy Now
HUUB Mens Aegis SEnd of line£129Buy Now
HUUB Womens Aegis XSEnd of line£129Buy Now
HUUB Archimedes 2 4.4 S, SMT, M, MT, L£549£475Buy Now
HUUB Archimedes 2 3.5 ST, SMT, MT, ML£549£475Buy Now
HUUB Archimedes 2 3.5 GB Ed SMT£549£475Buy Now
HUUB Aerious 2 4.4 S £450£359Buy Now
HUUB Aerious 2 3.5 ST, SS£450£359Buy Now
HUUB Atana 3.3S, M£425£359Buy Now
HUUB Axena 3.3XXS, XS, S, M£495£399Buy Now

Swim Smooth!


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