The Swim Smooth Drill Set - Primary Drills

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Connecticut 1-Day Clinic April 28th

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Lancaster Video Analysis

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Swindon SS Squad (Try for free!)

Felixstowe Video Analysis

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Felixstowe Squads

Acton London Video Analysis
If you use The Swim Smooth Guru, or one of our other coaching products (e.g. our Waterproof Training Plans or The Swim Smooth Book), you'll be familiar with many of the Swim Smooth drills, including how to perform them, exactly what they correct and how to use them to develop your stroke technique.

Or of course you might have been lucky enough to see one of our Certified Coaches who use these drills with ninja-like ability to dramatically improve your stroke technique. Each has been personally and extensively trained by Head Coach Paul Newsome in Perth, Australia (see a list of their activities on the right side of this blog every week).

However, the Swim Smooth coaching system is now world famous and many other coaches might claim to follow our methods but perhaps without fully understanding the purpose of each drill and how to perform them.

To help clear up some of that confusion we've brought together the list below of our Primary Drills* and the PURPOSE of each drill.

If you don't have access to one of our coaches, to know how to PERFORM each drill, what to FOCUS on and how to use them to CORRECT your stroke step by step, you need the Guru:

For just £1.99/US$2.99 a month you can use the Standard version of the Guru and receive full instruction on all the drills below... and much more besides. It's amazing value for money:

Swim Smooth Primary Drills* Index

(If you are already a Guru subscriber, just click on the links below and get taken to the complete video instruction on each drill)

* Note, these are our Primary Drills that we commonly use within technique sessions. The Guru also contains a set of Secondary Drills which we use to focus in and correct less common technique problems that you might have.

Swim Smooth!

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