Friday, February 24, 2017

Platysens Marlin - Two Corrections

In our excitement at announcing the pre-sale of the Platysens Marlin yesterday we made a couple of errors in the text:

Firstly, in one instance we described the 'Marlin-P' as the GPS/Open Water model, when in fact it is the pool only model. Instead the 'Marlin' model has the GPS/Open Water functionality.

Secondly, we listed the pre-order price of the 'Marlin' as £100 when it is in fact £110. If you were super-quick off the mark and ordered at this price then we'll honour that sale for you, so you've got yourself an even bigger pre-order saving! :)

Just to be clear the pre-sale prices are actually:

Platysens Marlin-P (pool functionality):£88 (normal price £100)
Platysens Marlin (pool and open water functionality):£110 (normal price £125)

You can pre-order your Marlin or Marlin-P now from:

A big apology from us for these errors - we pride ourselves on the accuracy of our blog but somehow they slipped through this time...

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