Announcing New SS Coaches In Texas, Channel Islands, Alicante and St Albans

Paul gives Pro Triathlete Lucy Charles' feedback on her stroke.
Whatever your level of swimming, get the exact same expertise!
Swim Smooth are very proud to announce the certification of four new Swim Smooth Coaches in The Woodlands - Texas, Guernsey - UK, Elche - Spain and St Albans - UK.

Training to be a SS Coach is a huge undertaking. Developing the necessary skills and experience of advanced video analysis, stroke correction, squad coaching and open water skills takes time and cannot be rushed. We are fortunate enough to be able to pick our coaches from a large talent pool but even for very experienced coaches, training takes at least 1 to 2 years.

Whether you are a complete beginner or elite competitor, when you see a Swim Smooth Coach you can be assured you are seeing a talented highly trained individual with the very best coaching methods at their disposal.

Congratulations Emma, Enrique, Gemma and Russ!

For full information on all our Swim Smooth coaches and to find your local Swim Smooth Coach see:

Gemma Hollis, The Woodlands, Texas USA :

Gemma could swim before she could walk and has enjoyed a wonderful water based life, swimming, scuba diving, kayaking and just playing in the ocean on summer vacations! Learning to swim is not only a life skill but can open up a world of adventure, and she loves being part of other peoples adventures!

Gemma is passionate about great swim technique and how this leads to improved performance.  She is focused on balancing technique with training to ensure efficiency and effective development for all. Working with the individual is the key to Gemma’s success.

Gemma is an avid triathlete, passionate about the sport which has seen her develop from a middle of the pack age grouper, to a podium placer, and now to representing Team USA in the World Championships in 2017. Helping people achieve their goals within the sports she loves is her prime motivator.  The secrets to her success lie in utilising detailed video analysis and stroke correction techniques as well as running group swim sessions each week.  The combination of 1-to-1 detailed work with the motivation of group swimming has seen great results for her athletes.

"For some, the swim is the hardest part of triathlon, for these people I aim to make their development easier and more fun. Learning to 'love' their swim training and appreciate how the swim fits within the sport of triathlon. For other people effective training can make all the difference. Whilst they say you don't win the world championships in the swim you can certainly loose it if your training and stroke isn't effective or efficient."

Enrique Planelles Marcos, Elche, Alicante, Spain:

Enrique is our new coach in Alicante, specialising in preparing you for open water races, triathlon and swimming. He's a Spanish Tri Level III Coach, has a degree in Physical Education and a Masters in High Performance Sport with the Spanish Olympic Committee.

Enrique discovered Swim Smooth while training with the London Fields Triathlon Club and became passionate about our coaching from that point onwards. Enrique is technical advisor of swimming technique in the professional Alicante University Triathlon Team and coaches a national level squad of youth and junior triathletes. He is expanding his coaching into age-group triathlon and video analysis.

Book in for your session today!

Russ Smith, Guernsey, Channel Islands, UK :

Swim Smooth Channel Islands is led by TRI Fitness Owner Russ Smith. Russ, a self confessed "Arnie” has developed a love for Swim Coaching following a number of years as a triathlon coach and triathlete.  Russ has devoted his life to developing his own triathlon knowledge and coaching skills to pass onto his Triathlon Training and Swim Smooth Squads in Guernsey.  Having competed in multiple Sprint, Olympic & Middle distances races, Russ stepped up to Ironman in 2016 and loved the whole experience from start to finish (well nearly all of it!).

Russ’s philosophy to coaching is to bring as much knowledge, education and fun to the training arena as possible.  Russ’s squads Work Hard, Train Hard & Play Hard and reap the rewards of fantastic camaraderie whilst receiving as much training and education as they can.

The Swim Smooth Guernsey Squads currently offer 6 coached Swim Sessions that can also be integrated into the TRI Fitness Triathlon Training Program Russ delivers.  The Swim Smooth Guernsey & TRI Fitness Triathlon Squads have grown rapidly over the last 12 months with over 100 members.

Emma MacDonald, St Albans & Bedfordshire, UK:

Emma spent her childhood in Australia where swimming was a big part of her life, training several times a week and generally being in or around water most of the time!

While swimming continued to feature in her life, it was only once she left her career in London to pursue swim coaching full time, that she was able to fully dedicate herself to the sport. Emma set up Swim Dynamics in September 2015 and now coaches three weekly squads and 1-1 sessions with clients ranging from children and adults who are learning to swim, to beginner triathletes and seasoned Ironman competitors. Emma is very fortunate to have a 50m pool on her doorstep in Luton as well as the use of a private 25m pool in a state of the art facility in St Albans.

Emma cites meeting the Swim Smooth crew as ‘love at first sight’ ! The individuality behind their coaching philosophy suddenly made the sport accessible and inclusive because it was about coaching the person, not the stroke. Everyone, regardless of size, background, personality and ability, has the potential to be a better, fitter swimmer. That is a great gift to the sport.

Emma is a qualified Level 2 ASA Swimming Teacher, Level 1 British Triathlon Coach and has the RLSS UK National Rescue Award & First Aid Certificate.

For full information on all our Swim Smooth coaches and to find your local Swim Smooth Coach see:

And for more information on training to become a Swim Smooth coach, visit:

Swim Smooth!

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