Get Inspired And Improve Your Swimming - Join A Squad!

If you have a swimming background we're sure you'll understand the value of training in a squad. Not only do you have a coach watching over you, developing both your stroke technique and your swim fitness but the group environment is motivational and inspiring in equal measure. Simply put, training with like minded people of similar ability is just fun and rewarding!

For those reasons squad training is very much part of the Swim Smooth coaching philosophy but what if you have never swum with a group before and perhaps feel nervous of doing so? Don't be! Any good squad - and particularly Swim Smooth squads - cover a huge range of abilities from the top guns blasting up and down the fast lane through to those new to swimming in lanes 1 and 2.

Each session will be adapted for the different lanes to give them stroke input and fitness challenges set at the perfect level for them - even those who have only been swimming freestyle for a few weeks!

To give you an idea of what you are missing, here's SS Coach Bart Rolet's squad in Montreal:

Fenella Ng's in Hong Kong:

Rob Kwaaitaal's in Nijmegen, Netherlands:

And Gabriella Minaříková's juniors in Prague:

And the famous squads in Perth (in time-lapse!):

If you can swim 100 to 200m of freestyle without stopping then you're ready to swim in a group. Don't worry, there will be plenty of other swimmers of similar speed there too and you'll soon learn a few tips from them as well as the coach. :)

We have squads all over the world and we've included a full list for you at the bottom of this email. Get in contact with your local Swim Smooth coach and join your local squad today!

Swim Smooth!

(with many more coming soon!)


Hamilton, New Zealand - Mon-Tues-Wed-Thurs-Fri mornings and Tues-Thurs evenings
Perth, Australia - Mon-Tues-Wed-Fri mornings and Tues-Thurs evenings
Perth, Australia - Friday lunch and Saturday morning
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Tues-Thurs-Sat-Sun mornings and Tues-Wed evenings
Hong Kong - Tues-Sat mornings and Mon-Wed-Thurs evenings


Lancaster, UK - Sunday evening
Abingdon/Woodcote/High Wycombe UK - Tues-Wed-Fri mornings and Mon-Tues-Thurs evenings
Richmond, UK - Wed-Fri evenings
Felixstowe, UK - Saturday mornings (starting January 2017)
Doncaster/Tadcaster, UK - Tues-Sat mornings and Wed-Thurs evenings
Northampton/Corby, UK - Mon-Wed-Thurs-Fri mornings (seniors) and Mon-Tues-Wed-Thurs evenings (juniors)
Acton, UK - Mon-Tues-Wed-Thurs mornings and Tues-Thurs evenings (club membership required)
Swindon, UK - Fri mornings, Sunday afternoons and Tues-Thurs evenings


Prague, Czech Republic - Juniors: Mon-Tues-Wed afternoons
Prague, Czech Republic - Seniors: Tues-Thurs mornings
Harelbeke/Kuurne, Belgium - Mon-Wed-Sat mornings
Nijmegen, Netherlands - Thursday morning
Alicante, Spain - Tues-Thurs afternoons and Mon-Wed-Fri evenings

North America

Chicago, IL - Mon-Wed-Fri mornings
Mount Pleasant, SC - Mon-Tues-Thurs-Fri lunch time and Mon-Fri evenings
Montréal, Canada - Mon-Tues-Wed-Fri mornings and Mon-Wed evenings



Unknown said...

I cant tell you enough how much my swimming has improved since joining Gavins squad in Northampton, but I have to travel an hour to get there so please try and lure some more coaches into the swim smooth system

Adam Young said...

Great Mani - keep up the good work!! Whereabouts do you live??


Antony said...

West coast of the US (Southern California in particular) is severely lacking :)

Paul said...

Funny you should say that Antony - we're here right now...Carlsbad as it this space!

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