2016 HUUB Wetsuits Are Go & Open Water Training In The UK

The open water season is about to start in the northern hemisphere and our Certified Swim Smooth Coaches are busy readying their venues for the lighter evenings and warmer weather ahead.

If you're intending to enter any events involving open water it's essential to practise your open water skills to develop your confidence and competence swimming in the great outdoors. So, find your local session from the list below and get some great Swim Smooth coaching whilst having a lot of fun at the same time!

The 2016 HUUBs Are Here!

Fresh from the HUUB factory, the 2016 HUUB wetsuits have just touched down this week and are now on sale in our Swim Smooth shop:

Super fast: Helen Jenkins and Richard Varga model
the new Atana and Aerious 2

Every HUUB wetsuit has design input from Swim Smooth to ensure it is matched to your individual stroke characteristics. This means you instantly swim faster and feel more comfortable in the right HUUB for you.

Also featuring fluid dynamic expertise from Prof Huub and design innovation by Dean Jackson - the brand new 2016 Atana and Aerious 2 wetsuits are faster than ever!

A few of the models have limited stock so don't delay and secure yours today.

Can't quite stretch to the price on a new suit? You can also hire a HUUB from us: full details here

Swim Smooth!


SS Coach Annie Oberlin-Harris, Heron Lake, Staines and Berinsfield, Oxfordshire, UK
Beginner and open water skills: http://www.triswimcoaching.com/#!openwatersessions/cgmr
One to one coaching also available: http://www.triswimcoaching.com/#!openwatersessions/cgmr

SS Coach Morgan Williams, Blue Lagoon, Doncaster, UK 
Open water squad: http://www.coachmorg.com/?q=openwatersquad
Workshops throughout the summer for all levels: https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/classic/home?studioid=290701

SS Coach Fiona Ford, Heron Lake, Staines, UK
Open water squads and one to one sessions: http://www.swimheron.co.uk/coaching-2/

SS Coach Emma Brunning, Lake Windermere, UK
Beginner sessions: http://www.activeblu.co.uk/intro-to-open-water-swimming/
Open water squad: http://www.activeblu.co.uk/open-water-development-squad/

SS Coach Steve Bailey, Ellingham, Hampshire , UK
Coached sessions: http://www.stevebaileycoaching.com/ellingham-open-water-swimming

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