Becoming A SS Coach And That Famous Trip To Perth

Here in Perth we've just completed two back to back courses working with 13 new Swim Smooth Coaches based around the world (Belgium, Dubai, Sweden, Holland, Canada, USA, Malaysia, Hong Kong and the UK). The course in Perth is very intensive for both the coaches and the mentors - to say everyone goes home a little tired afterwards is a bit of an under-statement (not least the Swim Smooth tutors!)

Here's Bart Rolet from Montreal talking to course tutor Adam Young midway through the Perth course on his experience:

Whilst we can't wait to get these guys out there helping you develop your swimming, they have not yet completed their training. To find a full list of our certified coaches see:

Certified Coach Training

The task of becoming a Swim Smooth Coach is no small undertaking - it takes around a year of study and practise, even for experienced swimming coaches. The two weeks in Perth is very much the highlight - and the intensive experience that everyone looks forward to - but just as important is the training, practice and mentoring we give every coach through their whole training.

The squads in Perth are run by our Head Coach Paul Newsome and are very much the heart and soul of all of Swim Smooth's coaching. It's where all of our coaching development takes place on the hotbed of a huge squad with 350 regular members (and many hundreds more visiting every year for video analysis):

The squads feature all levels of swimmer, of all ages, shapes and sizes. At the (very) pointy end we have elite swimmers and triathletes training for international events. We have a large and passionate team of open water swimmers and triathletes of all speeds and enthusiastic beginners taking their first laps of swimming. One of our most famous swimmers Mega Megan is still improving. Our oldest swimmer Barry Eaves is still teaching the young guns how to do it at 79. And we have "Super" Sue Oldham the world age record holder for swimming the English Channel (70 years young). Amazing stuff!

Not only do the coaches receive intensive training in Perth but they also experience this 'vibe' of Swim Smooth at the source of it all, witnessing first hand the sorts of improvements and performances swimmers can achieve - all whilst having fun at the same time. This is hugely inspiring and something they will aim reproduce in their local setup.

Becoming A Swim Smooth Coach Yourself

We are of course looking to grow the number of Swim Smooth Certified Coaches around in the world in the future. Interested in showing the world your coaching potential? Find out more about the program at:

Also remember to join our Coaches Network as we only invite coaches to apply for our training courses from this group:

BUT most importantly of all - don't wait for us to pick you! Get started improving and developing your coaching today: get your qualifications from your governing body, help local swimmers, work with your local club, start doing video analysis and push your coaching boundaries in every area. The most passion and drive you have, the better the world becomes, and the more likely we are to select you from the crowd.

Swim Smooth!

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