Get A Consultation With One Of The Best Coaches In The World

The new year is the perfect time to look forward to the year ahead, set some goals and lay-out some plans to improve your swimming. If you are frustrated with where you are at and would like to take some large strides forwards, then you need a consultation with a Certified Swim Smooth Coach.

From our coach-education work all over the world, we meet thousands of coaches and hand pick the very best we can find, train them intensely in our methods for over a year - including that famous trip to Perth to be personally mentored by Paul Newsome. When you see a Swim Smooth Coach you can be confident you're seeing one of the very best coaches in the world.

Each coach is an expert in advanced video analysis and stroke correction to improve your stroke technique:

An extract from elite triathlete Emma Pallant's video analysis with Paul Newsome

Your coach will film you and analyse your stroke in detail (recording the session for your future referral) and then get you back in the pool to correct your stroke with the right drills and focus. Finally, they will give you a detailed plan to take away to continue developing your swimming after the session.

When you see a SS coach you don't need multiple sessions one after the other, you can achieve just as much with a single (very) high quality consultation. So it's well worth travelling a little bit further than you otherwise might.

Coach Emma Brunning working with the SS squads in Perth

Whether you're a complete beginner struggling to swim a length, would just like to be more comfortable and efficient, or a top age-grouper pushing into the pro ranks, a Swim Smooth Coach is the single fastest way to improve your swimming. Find your local coach here:

And see the right hand column of this email for a list of upcoming clinics.

We're sorry if we don't yet have a coach in your area but we are busy training a talented new group from countries around the world including Canada, USA, Dubai, Malaysia, UK, Belgium, Hong Kong, Sweden, Australia and Spain.

Happy New Year!

Swim Smooth


Unknown said...

Hello Paul
So desperate to attend a clinic, but I live in South Africa. What are the chances of you ever reaching this far!
Viv Williams (Triathlon Coach)

Adam Young said...

Hi Viv,

We'd love to visit South Africa soon - it's not easy fitting it in around our packed schedule but we'll do our best. Hope to meet you soon!


Unknown said...

Thank you so much for your response. First stop must be Cape Town when you do get to SA. Maybe one day, sounds like a great plan. Regards Viv

Unknown said...

amazing post

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