Multi-Purpose Training Sessions

Most swimmers or triathletes swim twice or three times a week. You might be thinking you need to do technique work, some CSS training, some open water skills, maybe a little sprinting for pure speed and some steady aerobic swimming for base fitness. You also need to develop skills like good pacing, maybe develop a higher stroke rate and work on your flexibility and posture too. How on earth do you fit it all in?

The trick is to have multi-purpose sessions that double or triple things up. This may sound complicated but when you get in the swing of it, it's very easy.

Most of the sessions in the Swim Smooth Squads in Perth
are multi-purpose as outlined below!

At Swim Smooth, there's three main types of session that we use and provide classic ways of combining these elements. We use these types of sessions week-in week-out in the Swim Smooth squads:

Session Type 1: Combine technique work with posture development and some steady paced aerobic swimming. Try adding in a 3x400m, 2x500m or 1000m steady swim into your technique session. Meanwhile the core Swim Smooth drills such as side kicking and 6-1-6 develop your posture as you drill and the use of fins gradually stretches your ankles, improving your kicking technique.

Session Type 2: CSS session using a beeper to pace you through. As well as being your key fitness session of the week, using the Tempo Trainer Pro during a CSS session develops your pacing skills at race pace. If you have time then follow your warm-up with a quick technique set to provide a little technique focus before the hard work begins.

Session Type 3: Open Water Skills Session. This sort of session naturally includes sprinting as you go head to head over short distances with your friends. It's also the perfect session to develop a higher stroke rate and make sure that the technique work you are doing elsewhere in your training week beds in to your stroke in the right way so you are efficient swimming in disturbed water.

Of course the training sessions written into our training plans in the Swim Smooth Coaching System do this for you to give you the maximum bang from your training buck:

As do our paper based waterproof training plans:

Swim Smooth!


Jonas said...

Swim Smooth is a company which specializes in swimming for triathletes, not really for pool swimmers. I am a swimmer and, although I love Swim Smooth (I really do), it is not enough for me: Swim Smooth only deals with the crawl style and does not talk about starts or tumble turns, which are essential for competitive pool swimmers.
The problem with swimming for triathletes is that it is only 1/3 of the training or even less because triathletes should also go to the gym for specific strenght training and stretching. I do not see how a triathlete can swim three times a week and have enough time for running, cycling and gym training in the same week.

Adam Young said...

Hi Jonas,

Yes it's actually true, it's quite possible to swim 3x week as a triathlete. Many will swim before work in the mornings and then bike or run in the evenings / weekends. It's why they call it a 'lifestyle' sport!



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