Beating All The Men: Kate Bevilaqua At Ultra 520K Canada!

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The weekend before last, we were thrilled to see Swim Smooth athlete Kate Bevilaqua win the epic Ultra 520K triathlon in Penticton, Canada. Amazingly, not only did she win the women's race but she won overall, beating all the men too and setting five course records along the way!

A truly inspiring performance from this most dedicated of athletes.

To get to the bottom of exactly how she pulled it off, we've recorded a special interview for you with Kate and boyfriend (and race support crew) Guy Crawford:

We can't take any credit for her cycling or running, but if you've been reading the SS blog for a while you'll know we've previously featured Kate's swimming and how much it has improved after training with our head coach Paul Newsome in Perth. At the Ultra, Kate ripped through the 10K swim, leading out by a full 13 minutes which set her up perfectly for the rest of the race.

What's Ultra 520K? It's perhaps the ultimate test of your triathlon endurance:

Day 1: Swim 10km & Ride 150km
Day 2: Ride 276km
Day 3: Run 84km (a double marathon)

In the interview Kate gives us a unique insight into what it takes to complete such as extreme event and how much support is needed from those around to pull it off.

You can find out more about Kate and also read her full race report on her website:

Full information about Ultra 520K Canada is at:

Special thanks to Rick Kent for the use of his photos. View them all here:

Swim Smooth!


Anonymous said...

Smash 'em in the swim, love it.
That'll get a few to rethink there future race strategies.
May I ask what breathing pattern Kate used ?

Adam Young said...

Hi there, Kate will have breathed bilaterally - you can just see that from the short clip within the interview.


Anonymous said...

Seen another clip of her in a pool, looked like she was breathing 3, 2, 2, 3, 2, 2.
Not that there was enough constant video to confirm that.

Unknown said...

Yep…you are both correct! I like to bilateral breathe but 3,3 breathing is not comfortable for me. So I do predominately do a 3,2,2, breathing pattern.

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