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What's the ultimate secret to improving your swimming? You know, it could be that you just need to try to enjoy it more.

Contrast these two short video clips.

Jackson, aged 5 (son of SS Head Coach Paul Newsome):

Jackson claims that he wants to be a "floating coach" when he gets older on account of his love for lying on his back and floating like a starfish.

Stephen, aged 55:

Who is more likely to improve their swimming significantly in the future?

If like Stephen you don't enjoy swimming, take a leaf out of Jackson's book. Take the pressure off yourself, simply enjoy the experience of being in the water and start playing around a bit. You'll be down the pool (or jumping in the ocean) more often, you'll be more relaxed and start to feel things you never noticed before.

Have fun. Think less. Do more. Then the improvements will start to come.

Swim Smooth!

PS. After his session with Paul, Stephen said: Thanks for introducing me to my new best friend - the beeper! This has made my swims a lot more focused and interesting, with challenging "beat the beeper" sets. Combined with some stroke technique improvements during our one to one sessions, it has really motivated me to get into the water to practice.


Unknown said...

Well Done Jackson, you remind me of me at that age (Im now a grumpy 56 year old man !) but love the water still.

What a cool stroke too

Keep up the great work Paul


Philip Hamilton said...

Yeah, great post. So many trainings are just so serious - everyone forgets to have some fun once in a while.
I have stopped TriClub group swim training for a few months just to concentrate on building up my own 'feel' and enjoyment of swimming. I am at session 22 of one of the Swim Smooth Swim Sessions - Novice one ;) and I know I am going to beat my 400m TT by a massive gap for the first time in 3 years.

Jim said...

I do understand the boredom of the pool, but I don't mind it anymore.
-That's why swimming in the pond(ocean) is way more fun!

Unknown said...

I'm with you Jackson, the water is fun ! Nothing like playing around and being a dolphin.
I always have a little play at the end of a session..... my mermaid time (I'm 39 and 7 months ) ;)

Philip Hamilton said...

have you seen Jackson's stroke... ? Mr Smooth Number 2 coming up :)

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