Announcing: The All New Swim Smooth Coaching System - For Swimmers, Triathletes And Coaches!

Nothing happens if you do not first dream it… This was our dream, we hope you like it.

Swim Smooth are very proud to announce the launch of the new Swim Smooth Coaching System, a personal coach for swimmers, triathletes and coaches! Available for you to use wherever you are on any phone, tablet or computer - in fact anywhere you can access the internet:

Dive right in:

Featuring over 20 hours of never-seen-before Swim Smooth coaching video to work on all aspects of your swimming and over new 300 training sessions for you to follow, this unique web-app brings our whole award winning coaching system together in one place.

First the system cleverly configures itself to your level of swimming and individual Swim Type, then informs and inspires you on how to move forwards. Follow the simple step-by-step instructions and you will quickly make some big strides forwards with your freestyle swimming in the pool, open water and triathlon events!

The Swim Smooth Coaching System is a revolution in swim coaching resources, having everything at your fingertips from simple pointers and videos through to training plans and ideas makes this a must have for any coach, or swimmer who utilises Swim Smooth methods. I have found myself lost in the system (in a good way!) watching video after video and reading session plan after plan, which makes me think about how I can adapt, use and deliver some of the ideas in my sessions. This is all of Swim Smooth's ideas and philosophy put together in a seamless one-stop package with inbuilt intelligence to guide you smoothly through the system.
Jason Tait, Head Coach

It looks and feels like an app but it actually houses the entire Swim Smooth coaching system: training sessions, full training plans, instructional videos, swim type stroke correction and much more all at your fingertips! My only regret is that now everyone will have access to Swim Smooth's secrets!
Jeff Davis, Age-Group Triathlete, Australia

Whatever your level of swimming, it's your complete swim coaching solution.

** Don't delay in signing up - our special introductory offer ends on the 22nd December. **

Swim Smooth!

The Swim Smooth Coaching System Tour

The Coaching System dashboard (shown above) is the hub of everything you do in the web-app, providing the gateway to all of our coaching content and allowing you to track your development. You can also set race targets here and see quick links to your favourite videos and training sessions.

This was a great surprise to see when Swim Smooth took their extremely talented coaching philosophy and put it into an entire online library of drills, programs and fault fixers! I am a coach as well as an athlete and this system has given me great insight into some of the Swim Smooth nuances we cannot get from YouTube, the book (my bible) and even the DVDs! A job well done Swim Smooth!
Cody Novak, Head Coach, Seattle, USA

Improving your freestyle stroke technique is a key part of becoming a faster more efficient swimmer. The coaching system embeds Swim Smooth's highly developed Swim Type correction processes to develop your stroke technique as a whole:

Each process is presented as simple step-by-step instructions to follow and tick off, linking in all the coaching videos, visualisations and drills to get to work on your individual needs as a swimmer. If you've been swimming for a while and become stuck on a plateau then it's likely you've been following generic coaching that isn't working on your weaknesses. Our Swim Type system will fix that and get you moving forwards again.

As well as the Swim Type system you'll also find our Fault-Fixer processes to correct any specific stroke flaw you need to work on. Here's the guide for swimmers who lift their head to breathe - each step expands to give you detailed tasks to apply what you are learning:

In total the system contains over 25 hours of unique Swim Smooth video, including over 20 hours which has never been released before, all shot in incredible HD*. Collating this much high quality footage has been a real labour of love over the last 2 years!

* If you are sometimes on a slow connection you can easily switch from HD to SD footage by clicking the small 'HD' button on the bottom right of each video.

As you'd expect the entire Swim Smooth Drill Set is here. Having all your favourite drills and coaching videos at your fingertips makes a huge practical difference compared to a DVD or book format:

Each drill can be viewed from up to 7 unique angles to get a real three dimensional appreciation of every position together with in-depth voice-over tutorials and summary points:

Of course we also have an extensive Open Water Skills section, explaining how to make you a faster and more effective swimmer in the great outdoors. We have skills, methods and practise sessions aplenty:

Extensive training plans for different goals and distances are a huge feature of the Coaching System. There are 12 complete plans to choose from, preparing you perfectly for any event from your first mile swim right through Sprint, Olympic, Half and Full Ironman triathlons, and even 5km, 10km and marathon swims:

If you're new to freestyle and not ready for a full training plan yet then try our special Swim Type Follow-On Plan to build you up to swimming 400m (and further) without stopping.

Of course, all the drills and visualisations are fully integrated within the training sessions so you can stay immersed in the session detail without having to constantly refer back to other sections of the web-app:

You can print out any session to take poolside or if you're a coach, slip your device into a waterproof housing and connect to wi-fi for instant access to everything.

Oh and if you fancy a real challenge we've also included our extensive new guide to Marathon and Channel Swimming written by our very own 46km Manhattan Island Marathon Swim Champion Paul Newsome!

Another innovative feature is the integrated use of the Finis Tempo Trainer Pro. Start in the MyCSS section and enter your CSS swim test results to get a full analysis of your fitness:

Your resultant CSS pace is then used throughout the app, prescribing you the perfect pace you need to swim in every session for maximum benefit. In fact we tell you exactly what to enter into the Tempo Trainer Pro every time (in true dummies-guide style!) :

Biggest plus for me is the video vault, especially the drills as I find it hard to do from just a description. Overall it's easy to manoeuvre and I really love how the training plans automatically set themselves to your CSS. Simples. Definitely more than worth the money.
James Cliff, Swimmer, UK

In total there are over 300 sessions in the web-app covering all levels of ability from beginner to elite competitor. There's an extensive session library too, so if you're a coach looking for a CSS session for your squad that evening or a swimmer looking for a technique session, it's all there at your fingertips!

The whole system, set up and ease of use is typical of Swim Smooth's approach and philosophy on coaching.
Martin Wood, Head Coach, Lincoln Tri, UK

Over the last two years we've been busy expanding our archive of elite swimmers with 15 world class swimmers and triathletes included, each specially filmed and analysed by Swim Smooth. There's such much to learn by watching these guys! Here's Double Olympic Champion Rebecca Adlington in action showing us her incredible stroke:

Watch each athlete up-close and from every conceivable angle to give you an amazing insight into why they are so quick through the water. As well as Rebecca the set includes the world’s fastest triathlon Swimmer Richard Varga, Olympian Jono Van Hazel (aka Mr Smooth himself), World Triathlon Champion Tim Don and 7 Times Word Marathon Swimming Champion Shelley Taylor Smith.

I think the web-app is great!! The way I like to use it is to watch a focus area, try and practice it and then go to the elite page and watch each person and how they do it. I think it has the fab combo of using all the different techniques of learning -so it appeals to everyone: there are reading bits; things to out in practice; clips to visually watch it in action; and training aids discussed to help people feel it. You couldn’t have made it easier to use and the training plans are fab! This is online coaching hitting a whole new level. I love it!
Emma Pallant, British Elite Triathlon Champion

Our award winning Catch Masterclass program is also included for completeness (previously available on DVD) which has already helping thousands of swimmers to improve their catch and propulsive technique:

The system is also the ultimate resource for clubs and coaches. In fact if you tell the system you are a coach it provides you with a bespoke dashboard layout to more quickly access essential coaching tools such as the Swim Smooth drill set, our elite swimmer footage, the CSS calculator and your collection of favourites:

An absolute compendium of freestyle swimming information for triathletes, open water swimmers and coaches. I feel it will be very well suited to the many triathletes that train solo or only with a few friends of a similar standard. They want to improve so here is the knowledge. Easy to follow with both written and video explanations. No searching Google and Youtube its all here trust-worthy and consistent.
Graham Williams, Head Coach 

Swim Smooth offers you the most highly developed and respected coaching system in the world used by British Triathlon, Triathlon England, The ASA (Open Water) and The International Triathlon Union governing bodies for their coach education.

If you're coaching under one of these governing bodies yourself the new web-app based system makes the perfect companion tool to develop your coaching knowledge and skills.

As an athlete, it tells me what paces I need to be training at - there's no hiding from the numbers! It also allows me to access so many training sessions that the possibility of boredom no longer exists. Keeping this Smooth motivated is no mean feat!! As a coach, It's the single best tool in coaching my triathletes to become better swimmers. It helps me know where they're at and how to make improvements. For my athletes it helps them better understand their swimming style, the drills needed to improve their biomechanics and the type of training needed to improve!! It covers all area's and ultimately makes me a better coach!!
Guy Crawford, Pro Triathlete and Coach, New Zealand / USA

Pricing Plans

If you're quick you can subscribe to the Swim Smooth Coaching System from just GB £6.99 / US$10.99 per month* as a swimmer or coach. Annual and group license plans (ideal for clubs) are also available, for more information see our price plans on the bottom of this page:

* Our 3 month special introductory offer ends of December 22nd!

For more information and to signup visit:

If you have a question about the system or which plan is right for you then don't hesitate to send us an email to and we'll get right back to you.

Swim Smooth!


Anonymous said...

This looks great. Quick question: The issue I've had with previous Swim Smooth session plans is that it doesn't cater for people who aren't allowed to use fins/paddles in the pool they swim at. Do this system provide alternatives?

Unknown said...

Hi Anonymous,

We feel you pain- unfortunately that's the case for many pools around the globe. The system does cater for this- simply reduce the prescribed distance by half for any drills requiring fins. We hope over time that we can encourage pool owners to allow the use of fins and paddles as we know how valuable they are to swimmers development. I hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

The app web page doesn't work for me. Says this webpage is not available.

Unknown said...

Hi Anonymous,

Are you using an older version of internet explorer. If so you need to be running the latest version (IE11) for the site because it needs the latest browser technology to work its interface magic. Also, if you are running an old version it’s a good idea to update for security reasons alone.

Hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

Was using google chrome. Just tried it with firefox and that works.

zoli said...

It sounds great, it looks great from this introductory article, it is attractive from the website, but it is missing something essential. A thing that usually makes the click, and helps to convince an interested visitor to buy: a free trial. Yes, look around for every online service, every single one has the "try me" action in your face, before the "buy" button. It is your main tool to gather leads. Then talk/chat/email with the ones who try the app and you will much easier convert them to paying customers.
Welcome to the SaaS (software as a service) world, Swim Smooth!

Unknown said...

Hi Zoli,

Thanks for the tip! As you'll appreciate for 3 years work, the content is extremely valuable to us, so in the end we decided this is the best way for now. We haven't ruled this out for the future!

zoli said...

Well, then you need to produce dedicated content for trials, maybe trimmed, it is your call, but the SaaS world has some proven rules and one of the first ones is about trials. Learn from the big ones, the salesforce.coms, the googles, the microsofts, and all the rest regardless of size. It doesn't matter if you are alone in the "online swim coaching service" business, it is still SaaS :)

Marcus said...

I think the trial/demo is all the content that they already have for free on their website and this blog.

Unknown said...

Hi Marcus, yep as a rule we love giving stuff away for free as it makes us feel good!

Anonymous said...

I have one of the printed plans. Are those sessions on the website? I'd like to get credit for doing one of those. :-)

Unknown said...

Hi Anonymous,

Yes these sessions have been modernised for the web app - see the Olympic/Half Iron Distance and Iron Distance Plans!

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