Announcing Swim Smooth's New Partnership With The ITU

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Swim Smooth are very pleased to announce that the ITU have selected Swim Smooth as their coaching provider for swimming.

Similar in nature to our partnership with British Triathlon, all ITU coaches will now be taught to use Swim Smooth's principles, coaching methods and coaching tools in their countries around the world. If you're planning on taking ITU qualifications then we hope you're as excited as we are about this new relationship!

The ITU is the Triathlon governing body for the Olympics and represents 119 nations around the world developing the sport at all levels from grass roots up to Olympic competitor.

Today in Bucharest we've just kicked off the first swim module for Level 1 Course where Swim Smooth's Adam Young is working with the first 20 coaches to sit the course. Many many more will follow:

We're very proud of this new relationship and are excited about our coaching being used ever more widely. We see it as part of our overall mission to raise the standards of swim coaching around the world - we hope you're on the team with us!

Swim Smooth!


Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

Thanks Anonymous! We're pretty chuffed!

Anonymous said...

Huge Congratulations to you, Paul, and of course Adam. We're so happy for you all.

Well Done!

Matt & Judy Barnett from Melbourne.

Jonas said...

Congratulations to Paul and Adam. Swim Smooth has helped me a lot with my swimming. Although I am not a triathlete but a swimmer (I swim the four strokes regularly), Swim Smooth crawl teaching has helped me a lot with my other strokes, and now I swim better all of them.

Swim Smooth's DVD Catch Master Class is the best swimming DVD I've ever seen: Paul explained everything extremely well. It's very clear that Paul, and Swim Smooth in general, are passionate about swimming and love to share this passion. I've been in a couple of Swim Smooth's training camps and I loved them.

Congratulations Swim Smooth.

Carol Evans said...

A huge congratulations! I've been long impressed with SwimSmooth and have been using SS workouts for several years with much improvement. I can't imagine anyone who deserves such recognition and validation more.

Unknown said...

Hi Matt & Judy, Jonus and Carol- Many thanks for the really kind words. Yes we are very passionate about swimming and providing world class coaching resources and opportunities and are thrilled to expand our global reach to help even more swimmers and coaches achieve their best!

Zoli said...

Big congrats and welcome Adam and Swim Smooth to Romania! I hope that you and the squad are having a good time. I'm also hoping that you have a few local coaches in this first class, to spread the know how in Eastern Europe too.

Unknown said...

Thank you Zoli you're so kind! Fingers crossed!

Rudolf said...

Good on you .. but excuse me, i have a little suggestion that may sway away from these news ...

You are great in teaching the world good FREESTYLE.
I understand, open water swimming is important to you and that's mainly done with FS .. but, what about breast stroke??

Hey, you are Aussies, you have had some of the greatest breast stroker's (females) ever, so why not bring the odd tip and pointer blog in on this swimming style??

Why i ask for it??
Well, i try to breast stroke like the swim clubbers do or like i see on life TV from WC's or Olympics .. but somehow i end up seeing some old ladies swim faster than me, you know, they do that old fashioned wide arms swinging breast stroke.
So, i have a few unsolved questions / issues with that particular technique you could say and reading a few helping pointers would not hurt a bit ...

Unknown said...

Hi Rudolf,

For now we are focussing our time and energy on developing products predominantly for freestyle, but that’s not to say we haven’t thought about developing products/animations for the other strokes in future, so watch this space! Have you tried getting a breastroke coach to help you out?!

Steve said...

Outstanding! Looking forward to the day there's a Swim Smooth coach in my part of California...

Shorty said...

Huge news and a BIG CONGRATS TO YOU PAUL AND ADAM . Bugger , looks like the SECRET is out !!!! , and others will now catch me up !!. Looking forward to swim Smooth hitting The land of the Long White Cloud .
Naki Boyo.

Anonymous said...

A SS event in Bucharest? wow. I gather this is just for coaches? are you guys organizing anything for swimmers by any chance, since you're here already?

alex rossi said...

That's incredible news - you guys are so good at what you do it's great that it is being acknowledged! Hope you still manage to keep it real as you expand! Wonderful news!!

Cobie said...

Congratulations Paul. What an incredible strategic move and well deserved global acknowledgement of the enormous success of SwimSmooth.

E from Thur L8! said...

Congratulations Paul and SS Team! It is not just your technical skills but your ability to continually motivate across the wide spectrum of swimmers in your squad. If the infectious enthusiasm we experience here in Perth is shared amongst your new recruits - then success on all sides is assured.

Unknown said...

Well done - totally deserved!

Unknown said...

Thank you everyone for your wonderful and inspirational comments, more fuel to continue doing what we love! So glad to be able to help so many swimmers worldwide- what a pleasure.

Adam Young said...

Thanks for all the great comments guys, it's very flattering we have received so much nice feedback about this announcement on the blog, by email and social media. :)

I just arrived back home from Bucharest - it was a fantastic few days working with all the coaches and the ITU team over there. This was one of those 'pinch yourself' moments when something you have worked towards for a long time comes to reality - a great feeling for us.

Sorry that we didn't have any extra time to stay in Romania - I hope that we can go back soon to work with swimmers too...

All the very best with your swimming and coaching,


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