New Swim Smooth Bathers By Funky Trunks / Funkita!

We thought you'd like to be the first to know that we've just put our new Swim Smooth branded swimwear on sale in the Swim Smooth Shop! Featuring a unique design in Swim Smooth colours, now you can look great and brighten up your pool every time you swim:

Buy here:

We got together with Funkita / Funky Trunks to bring you this exclusive Aussie style funky design with subtle Swim Smooth logo on the rear, available in men's trunks, women's one piece and women's two piece designs:

If you already own any Funky Trunks or women's Funkita swimwear you'll be well aware of the quality of their kit. This top end brand is famous for brilliant fit combined with fantastic chlorine resistance and durability. They look and feel awesome and if you're lucky they might even make your abs stand out like Renee and Forbes' above!

For more pictures and to buy see them at:

Swim Smooth!


Barbara said...

These look great, but my heart always sinks when I contemplate wearing those thin straps over my shoulders. They rub. Try modelling the same cozzie on a 50+ Channel-swim weight female and you will see the problem!

Unknown said...

Hi Barbara,

Sorry to hear you find this fit uncomfortable, we'll definitely bear that in mind in future, thanks!

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Karen Diaz said...

Looks great on the physically trained body! I hope I can do my research paper cheap and I could then afford to buy such a swimsuit. Being short of money is not amazing.

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