The Secret Power Of Cake

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OK, so let's talk cake...

Your mission if you choose to accept it.

When you train seriously for a sport you make a lot of sacrifices. To get yourself into great shape takes time, dedication, hard graft and quite likely avoiding all the foods (and drinks) you really want to consume.

At Swim Smooth, that means cutting back quite considerably on our natural level of cake intake.

If you have reached the end of your racing season then don't be afraid to cut yourself some slack and reward all that hard work with some additional cake, just for a week or two. Soon enough you'll be back into your off season training and will quickly burn off those extra calories but in the meantime break those chains for a while - it's good for your soul.

It doesn't matter if you didn't quite hit your goals or got beaten by your arch-rival. You're recognising the effort you put in, not the outcome, which is an important and positive distinction to make.

Of course you may prefer to substitute cake for a juicy steak, ice cream or even a glass or two of red. Enjoy it for a short while - you deserve it.

Swim Smooth!



Anonymous said...

YEAH!!! Best tip yet :) You got to pamper your soul ever so often.

Shauna said...

I scrolled down the page hoping for a recipe ...

Anonymous said...

me toooo! gotta have some of THAT cake. do you have the recipe?

Jim said...

& I just took a pic of our(Team Doyle Ocean Swimming, Hermosa Bch., CA) favorite apres swim treat(called a 'Morning Glory' from Java Man) but I can't upload anything on your site?...........

Unknown said...

Hi Jim,

Yep sorry as this is a blog it doesn't have that functionality! I'm sure it looks scrummy!

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