Popeye Breathing With Jenson Button

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Last weekend we had the pleasure of attending the Jenson Button Trust Triathlon in Luton Hoo in the UK. If you won one of our competition places for the race it was fantastic to meet you and chat about your swimming at the event. Or if you came down for our special coached open water session on Friday night it was great working with you!

We’d not seen Jenson swim before but we had a sneaky little look at his stroke during the race from one of the support boats. As one of those annoyingly talented sports people you might be unsurprised to learn he’s a great swimmer with a really nice stroke!

One thing Jenson does really well which you should look to replicate in your own stroke is that he breathes out of the side of his mouth to allow him to keep his head low in the water whilst he breathes:

If you’ve got our DVD Boxset you’ll know we call this ‘Popeye Breathing’ as you shape your mouth to the side like Popeye chewing his spinach:

Try this the next time you swim. Keeping the head as low as possible as you breathe helps keep the front of your body lower in the water and brings your legs up higher, reducing your drag.

Swim Smooth!


Robbie said...

Doesn't the pipe cause unnecessary drag?

Jonas said...

Yes, the popeye mouth is very efficient. I tried it as a drill and I can do it, but I forget to breathe like this when swimming: it is not automatic yet.

I recommend the Swim Smooth DVD Boxset, where gold medallist Bill Kirby uses the popeye breathing in a very efficient manner.

Anonymous said...

Not a pipe - I think the correct term is central snorkel.

Cyndy@swimsmooth said...

Robbie- Ha ha!

Jonas- Stick with it and you'll soon be Popeye-ing smoothly!

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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