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This week on the blog SS Coach Emma Brunning reflects on her weekend past:

It is Tuesday morning on the 17th June 2014 and I feel absolutely inspired, proud and amazed at what I witnessed over this weekend.

I spent the weekend commentating at the Great North Swim, where 10,000 swimmers took to Windermere over a 3 day period, all challenging themselves in different events from 750m up to the 5km elite event on Sunday.

Standing at the finish, I got to see every finisher cross the line and witness first hand the amazing smiles and sense of achievement on people's faces. Most people had never actually swam their race distance in the open water before and others were swimming for a cause close to their hearts.

Whatever the reason you take to the water, the Ripple Effect of talking about how well you did and celebrating your achievements is enormous on those around you. You are truly inspirational!

Talking about your success allows others to take that step and challenge themselves too... You can not underestimate the power your passion and commitment can have on others:
If you have been considering something - just do it.
If you are worried you may fail - its worth a try.
If you need support - ask someone.

We live one life and it is important we make the most of it and take on the things that challenge us. Keep healthy, happy and surround yourself by good people along the way.

Wherever you are in the world and whatever you are doing, remember anything is possible, just believe in yourself. 

So sending you all a MASSIVE well done and congratulations to every single person that took to the water this weekend, wherever you are in the world. Celebrate well and keep creating those ripples!

SS Coach Emma Brunning

After publishing this post, we were very saddened to hear about the death of Colin Pringle at the Great North Swim, our thoughts go out to his family and friends at this very difficult time.


Anonymous said...

Hello, that was you was it? I was one of the swimmers in the second 5k. I just wanted to tell you I appreciated your commentary, but most of all I appreciated the merest three words I caught passing by the finish on the first lap of the swim: "29 minutes" floated across the waters, which encouraged me enormously! I had swum against the clock and in a pool that distance before, and I had swum in a wetsuit that distance before, but never had a real idea of how I was doing in the wetsuit so I was worried about not even coming in within the 2 hours! In the end it was under 1h 33mins, but thank you for your inadvertent words of encouragement :-)

Steven said...

Thanks for this inspiring commentary! A few years ago I was on a business trip in Nice at the time of an iron man. My hotel was across the street from the finishing line. How incredibly emotional it was (even for this rather straight-laced, emotions-under-my belt type of guy) to watch the finishers arrive. And especially the back-of-the pack athletes, those who had struggled against the odds to make it.

Emma said...

Thank you for your kind words, I was so privaliged to welcome everyone across the finish line. I am lucky to have such a rewarding job and be surrounded my smiles and enthusistic people. I think it is just amazing to see what people can achieve no matter at what level. To hear the friends and families supporting the swimmers at the finish line was a true reflection of what sport should be about. Keep enjoying what you do - Smile lots and give it a go. Proud Coach :)

Anonymous said...

Great to see you at the GNS doing the commentary. I love your Ripple Effect Blog - it is so spot on and something everyone should read and digest! Truly inspiring for all the right reasons. Barbara

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