Introducing The New HUUB SKN-1 & SKN-2 Swim Skins - Just In Time For Kona!

If you've been following Paul Newsome on twitter, you'll know he's been testing the very latest HUUB Swim Skins in Perth. Incredibly, he's found a 4 second per 100m improvement in his times swimming with the suits, which is pretty much the benefit a swimmer of his level would gain from a full wetsuit!

No wonder he's smiling, he's just completed a PB set of 100s in
the pool in the SKN-1.

We've just put the new SKN-1 and SKN-2 models on sale on our website here: SKN-1 and SKN-2 Swim Skins

Whatever your level of swimming you'll experience a big speed improvement from the suits - perfect for the southern hemisphere open water race season ahead.

If you're racing at Kona on October 12th we can still get you one of these suits in time - but be quick, stock is very limited.

Swim Smooth!


Anonymous said...

Can I get a suit over in kona?
Setting off today.

Adam Young said...

Hi Pete,

Tie up with our sales team at and they'll send direct to Kona for you!

Cheers, Adam

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