New ASA/BTF Coaching Qualification Co-Written By Swim Smooth

Swim Smooth are very excited to announce a new coaching qualification for open water swimming which is set to rapidly become the standard that all triathlon and open water swim coaches will require in the UK.

The qualification is a joint collaborative partnership between the ASA, British Triathlon and Swim Smooth. It includes all our of open water coaching methods focused on developing your specialist open water coaching knowledge, the quality of your coaching delivery and ensuring the safety of the environment for all users.

Develop your open water coaching expertise.
You can find out more about the qualification here and signup here. Be quick if you'd like to be part of the first wave, the first assessments are due to be completed in September.

As you may know, we have been working with British Triathlon since 2010 and all Level 1/2/3 triathlon coaches in the UK now follow our swim coaching curriculum. This qualification is now expanding that remit into open water swimming itself in collaboration with the ASA.

If you are a swimmer and considering choosing Swim Smooth coaching then you can be assured that our methods have been uniquely embraced by both triathlon and swimming governing bodies in the UK.

Swim Smooth!


Unknown said...

This is brilliant news can't wait to do qualification but cant do nottingham my nearest place .. when will more dates be made available

Cyndy@swimsmooth said...

Hi Ian,

Great news that you're keen, there are four dates tho chose from:

Friday 20th September @ National Watersports Centre, Holmepierre Pont, Nottingham

Sunday 22nd September @ Parc Bryn Bach, Tredegar, South Wales

Friday 27th September @ Beach at Bude/Bude Sea Pool, Cornwall

Friday 4th October @ The Blue Lagoon, Womersley, North Yorkshire

If you can't make any of those there will be some more assessment days next summer.

Hope that helps!

Unknown said...

Thanks Annie .. looks like will have to wait for next year as other venues rather a long journey away

Unknown said...

Any chance of such a qualification being adopted in Australia? At the moment a tri swim coach needs to be qualified through ASCTA which means learning all strokes, entry, tumble turns etc. yet no open water specific training.

Paul said...

Not at this stage Jeff as we have now direct association with any of the governing bodies here in little old Oz!


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