6x Ironman World Champion Dave Scott On Stroke Technique

If you're a triathlete you'll know Dave Scott as a six time winner of the Hawaii Ironman World Champs and a legend of the sport. Dave is now a highly successful swim and triathlon coach based in Boulder Colorado, working with prominent professional and age group athletes.

On our road trip across America, Paul Newsome met up with Dave and they took a little time to discuss stroke technique on camera for you, including what stroke style you should be aiming for, what works best for triathletes without a swimming background and some of Dave's experiences of trying to shake Mark Allen off his toes in races! Watch the clip here:

A big thanks to Dave and Jane for hosting us for a few days in Boulder and putting us through some hard sets in the pool too! You can find out more about Dave's coaching at: www.davescottinc.com

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Peter said...

Worlds colliding... :)

Dave Scott's videos on swimming technique on YouTube are just great, and down to earth in the same manner as SwimSmooth. SwimSmooth and Dave seems to have the same take on swimming.

On YouTube, Dave proposes three specific drills to improve freestyle: "high swingers", hesitation on recovery and quick catch. It would be interesting to see SwimSmooth's comments on that triade.

Peter said...

Here are the drills, by the way: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GUULNJEdKU8

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